Audio Aero Capitol or Cary 303.300?

I am very interested in helping a friend who is looking to nail the question. He's heard a few comparisons and thinks that the systems were contributory to the very near results.
I am wondering of those who have heard each. Or better, owned one and the
other. And what about the Jolita 100a, not in the same league, or a hidden
Lastly to put a fine point on it, the digital output is very important, as he wishes to run a d/a. He didn't get to examine that in the auditions.
Secondarily, Cary says that the CDP is the same as the 303.300 from disc
to digital out. Anyone have experience comparing the Cary CDP to 303.300?
Have any compared it's digital out with say a Krell 280CD? (that would
be my focus, beyond his)
He liked the 303.300 over the Audio Aero ?Prima? the Prestigue is out of
his price range as he's trying to go "clean second hand" if he can;
discounted retail if he must (and believes he will in the long run for
Thanks for as much as you can give on this.
I can't speak for the Cary CDP's, but I can tell you as a past owner of the Jolida 100A that it is not remotely close to being in the same league as the Audio Aero Capitol 24/192 (my current CDP). I'm not a big believer in "giant killer" titles that some pcs of gear receive... I think in most cases, you get what you pay for.

What is your budget?
Okay, the Jolita might not be a hidden gem. Thank you for that. i guess he's in the 2k-3k range. Had you heard the Cary 303/300 when you bought your Capitol? Or hadn't it come out yet, or wasn't it at that audition location? I'm getting the impression that my friend heard one unit at one place and the other unit at another. He knows his discs, but system dependant has him frustrated. Think the detail would outrun the Krell on digital?
I typically don't audition my gear before making a purchase, as most of the gear I buy is used gear found in the Audiogon classifieds. Used CDP's I'd be considering in that price range include the following:
- Resolution Audio Opus 21
- Audio Research CD-3
- Ayre CX-7e
- Accuphase - various models
- Cary - various models
- Arcam also makes good CDP's well under your price range (CD23, CD33, 192)
I stopped listening to my JD100 when I got a turntable. Sounds smeared and il-defined by comparison. Although NOS tubes did make a real improvement to the bass and liquidity. Its not a bad player, but its not great.
Any idea how the 303/300, or CDP1 would sound as a transport compared to
my Krell 280CD? ?Detail?
Anyone compared?