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Verity Audio speaker manufacturer silent...
I wonder if branching out into high end DAC's, amps and preamps contributed to their demise.  I remember reading Stereophile reviews when they came out with electronics... they weren't well received if I recall correctly... I'm pretty sure John At... 
Spendor D7.2 Pairing - First Watt F8
Volti and Devore are safe bets if you are keeping your First Watt amp.  You can add Audio Note and Klipsch into the mix if you need more options.    
Gary Fischer Horn Speakers??
You will need a reasonably large room for A7 or A5 clones.  You should also consider horn speakers from Klipsch, Tannoy, Fyne, Volti and JBL, as all of them will likely have better resale value than Gary Fischer Altec clones.  
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
@jerryrocks agree that combo is classic.     
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
@decooney Couldn't agree more with running 6SN7 based preamps from Cary, deHavilland and Supratek.    
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
@decooney While I didn't attempt to replace caps on the QS's, I did swap out the smaller tubes with ANOS Mullard CV4004's and CBS 12BH7 black plates... both of which yielded improvements over the stock tubes.  I also preferred Gold Lion KT88's to ... 
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
The Audio Research 150 SE would be a nice choice, but I've always been under the impression that AR amps sound best paired with AR preamps in balanced mode.  
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
I have Altec 19’s... so somewhat similar to your JBL’s. Of the suggestions above, I’ve owned the Quicksilver KT Mono’s and the VAC 70/70 Signature. The VAC 70/70 Signature is one of the best amps I’ve owned with regards to sound quality and over... 
Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line
Just make sure you have return privileges, as I had a helluva time getting my iPad to connect to my Aurender N10.   After months of fussing with Aurender customs support and sending it to Aurender for a new hard drive, I sold it for a sizable loss... 
S/PDIF coax to BNC
I've used a Black Cat Silverstar digital cable for many years.  It comes with BNC to & RCA adaptors that work seamlessly. A great cable at a reasonable price, with the flexibility you are looking for.   
A listening test of two power amps
I'm tapping out.  
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I just picked up a pair of vintage MC-30's from Audio Classics and find them to be one of the best / most enjoyable amps I've ever owned in 30+ years in this hobby.  Amazing to me that gear from the 1950's can sound so damn good!  Other Mac gear ... 
The time has come and I request advice...
Many conflicting opinions here... some like Roon, some like Aurender, etcetera.   In my case, I spent about $4.4K on a used Aurender N10 (from a well known dealer).   The unit had connection issues right from the start and the dealer begrudgingly ... 
Terry DeWick has passed
I never knew or corresponded with Terry... but in reading through various forums over the years, the man always received rave reviews and was held in the highest of regard with those he came in contact with.   
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
Fellow Altec 19 owner here.  I'd be looking at Volti Razz, used Tannoy Turnberry, Cheviot, Eatons' or vintage golds or HPD's in custom cabinets, and refurbished Quad ESL-57's from Electrostatic Solutions in Kansas City.