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Duelund speaker cable
I have two of their power cords on my Quicksilver KT monoblocks, custom ordered from Parts Connexion.  I'm a fan... low cost, high value.  
Duelund speaker cable
You can order them as bare wire or custom order with connectors from PartsConnexion very inexpensively.   Bare wire connection is the best way to go if your speakers and amp(s) accept bare wire.   
Horns with good timbre and tonality?
Ditto Volti and Classic Audio recommendations.... Tannoy and vintage Altec's and JBL's as well. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649998757-volti-vittora/ https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb6667-classic-audio-loudspeakers-t3-4-full-field-co... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
Parts Connexion will make you a custom pair of Duelund's for less than $400.   I recommend 12 gauge, sans connectors (bare wire).  I've been using Duelund in both of my systems for probably 5 years, having replaced and outperformed considerably mo... 
Help and opinions needed on pre-amp situation
In my experience, there is no definitive answer, as I've had some amps that work as well or better using my the volume control from my Weiss DAC vs. using a preamp.  That was the case when I had a Music Reference RM9 MK2 amp.... but when I changed... 
One key to building great systems over time.
While I agree that your approach makes sense for those willing to spend considerable sums for higher end gear, I've taken the approach of reducing my spend, while increasing my satisfaction by buying older or more utilitarian gear, having  been di... 
Warm vs Revealing—the struggle for balance
Yes... that's a common problem that many struggle with.  In my experience, the best solution is to own tube gear that allows for a variety of different tubes to be used to fine tune the sound to your liking.   While tube rolling can be expensive, ... 
I recommend you pose this question on the HiFi Haven forum, as many of the members are Altec afficionado's with strong DIY skills.  It's a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful group. https://hifihaven.org/index.php  
What new gear have you just bought?
Quicksilver KT Mono's with KT150's DeHavilland UltraVerve 3 linestage pre  
Duelund speaker cable gauge for my system?
@rolox You will know after 200-250 hours of break in.  
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
I briefly owned Quicksilver Mid Mono's, but felt I needed more power, so I was able to trade up to the KT Mono's with KT 150's (100 wpc).   I agree with @soix that the amps you are considering are likely not a good match for your speakers.  I'd be... 
Duelund speaker cable gauge for my system?
I've been using Duelund 12 gauge in both of my systems for years.   They replaced considerably more expensive cables.   I've found they need about 200-300 hours to settle in, so the initial break in process is lengthy and frustrating, but ultimate... 
Well built, aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinets
Agree that Daedalus cabinets stand out.  
Well built, aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinets
Agree that Daedalus cabinets stand out.  
Harbeth M40.1 vs. M40.2 vs. M40.2 Anniversary Edition vs. M40.3XD
I owned 40.1's twice, spanning approx 8 years and also owned 40.2 Anni's for approx. 2 years.  I found the 40.2 Anni to be more transparent and balanced, but looking back, I found the 40.1's to be more enjoyable, warm and full bodied, excelling on...