Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems

Capitole MKII users, kindly update on the sonic virtues but also on any repeated technical problems. No forum postings since a week! Have these problems stopped? I understand that some units needed a software update; have these been recalled? Does the performance justify the high price? Please contribute.
Golly, no replies! It looks like Audio Aero has the problems "licked" with the latest batch. (And since no one has reported new problems with new posts, I kinda' wonder why you're dredging this OLD posting up again??? Give it a rest Lall; you wouldn't want to make people think you have an agenda here, would you?)
I hear that Globe/Audio Aero are doing whatever is necessary to take care of the owners of players that were issued previously. There were software-related problems, which is quite common and easily corrected with new chips, etc. The problems in many players were related to shipping damage (I think we can all relate to that!) and Audio Aero has made improvements in design to compensate for gorilla abuse.
11/13/02 is the last post by Lall so what are you talking about"dredging up"? agenda? Last time I heard from Lall he was very pleased with his Capitol 2 player.
Mejames (and Lall) you're right; I apologize.
That irrelevant posting from Unclejeff is the one that dragged this posting back up to the top. I incorrectly assumed that because it's Lall's original posting at the top. But the fact that the posting was dragged back up by the new message is like dredging it all back up again. I'm an A.A. fan myself and I just saw red.
Hey, I'm a relative newbie here. I'll consider myself "slapped".
At least people will see from my update that the new Capitoles are working great!
Mejames: thanks for the clarifying to Golden ears. Yes my last post was dated 11/13/02 and my Capitole is working very fine.
I am now trying to get the best out of my new speakers, the Kharma CRM 1.2.
Due to the heavy weight, speaker positioning is not an easy job.
But the Capitole is a clear winner and I will stick with it for a very long time.
seems to have lost digital out capabilities from my CAPII ?
swapped inputs on pre/pro, swapped cables both nogo

I know the prepro and cable is fine as I swapped in another component.
Interestingly enough; Installed a digital feed into the coax and it fed it with no problems in both coax out and also CD out, which surprised me..

Powered down and left it off for 20 mins... no change
All other Digital components are working fine so its not the Pre/pro.

Any suggestions ? .. is there a reboot option on the CAP ?