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thanks guys.. not sounding good ...I also just found one at with experience on this one ? 
Speakers for BAT VK 75SE
I use Kharma 1.0CE and its a lovely combo with a tube front end like the Capitole MKII. Well balancedMatt 
EMM Labs DCC 2 - Sneak Preview
Hey Tire !!.. how goes it bud ?Just checking in for that review ?Comin to Montreal this year ?MattOttawa 
Halcro DM38 vs Tenor Audio 150Hp
wow .. two different ends of the spectrum ! and also what I am debating !!.. having experienced both and their sonic signatures..(and having owned a pair of Halcros in the past) at the end you cannot go wrong with either.. BUT, depending on the sp... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
GlennRothes--- comes with a Metal base plate that is removeable, I convert that to an ashtray for my cigars while I enjoy this very very fine scotch ! 
ROGUE "Zues" Power amplifer???? Anyone???
I have had the pleasure of listening to it twice and rather enjoyed its sound - lots of power.. not as delicate as some other more expensive tube amps .. but I would say its a great value and well worth the audition !Matt 
Off to London UK next week and ....
Thanks guys ! .. well go take a peek !Matt 
New Tenor Hybrid
Hi Frank /Mike !!One of the definitive factors and concept in a hybrid system is its ability to handle bottom end punch, always seems to be a point of contention with me and tubes !! .. The hybrid concept (I presume) aims to enhance bottom end. Ca... 
CDP"s with digital input ?
Unclejeff, I heard a rumour that there is an upgrade coming which will introduce analog inputs to the CAP II ..FYI...Matt 
Seperate Power Supply for Audio Aero Capital MK11
I think Fatparrot got it right .. AA has an amazing power supply there.. one of the strong points of the CAP II and it has many. Its a multi-stage PS and a major reason why this unit is loved by many many people !Including me !Hard to get better i... 
Just make sure Bill is not around to switch the digital input on the fly .. JTINN, tireguy, Frank and al .. will remember Montreal .... ever see 7 audiophiles systematically have a heart-attack at the same time ??The Meitner DAC6 is fundamentally ... 
Proceed VS Sherbourn need help
Proceed gear is a steal on the market..used or retail...Some of the best build equipment out there and trikle down topology from its older brother ML...its a hell of a product.Built like a tank, excellent performance ..Matt 
Kharma 3.2 Owners, your thoughts...
Is this guy for real ? I bet you still think the Soviets are behind the crappy weather I had this weekend ...I love the Kharma line.. maybe its not for every one but to generalize on pretty much the whole line with a conspiracy theory ..well..a ta... 
Klezmer .. need more
Thanks for the recommendations guys.. I am definitly gooing to look them up.Last year, I found a few recordings of my dad in France that he did in the 50s. He played lots of Klezmer/gypsy music.. if you are up for a listen.. go to :http://members.... 
Capitole MKII Phase controller ..0 or 180 ?..
Thanks for the response guys .. yeah .. I played with it but heard squat ! .. well.. maybe one day Ill hear something worng ina recording and shifting phase will bring it all together.Matt