Problems streaming Tidal-Terrible distortion

I’ve looked in the Tidal threads and haven’t found any describing this problem.  Sometimes in the middle of a song, I get horrible distortion.  If I hit the pause button on the Tidal UI, and hit play, it disappears.  This doesn’t happen if I’m playing music from iTunes or YouTube.  Tidal instructed me to uninstall and reinstall to no avail.  Streaming is around 25 mb/sec.  I’m stumped.  Any thoughts?
I have had similar problems with my Linksys router caused by it dropping packets.  It occurred during the high demand usage by Tidal streaming.  I replaced the router and was okay.  

You might have have other streaming issues as I documented below:

These issues are tough to chase down and I hope the above helps you.  Please keep us posted. 

For example,my Internet signal was out of range causing distortion and drop outs.  My ISP fixed this and various other issues as noted in my post above.    
Streaming around 25 mb/sec may not be fast enough. I do not know and hope others can advise.

In my case, I have gone from 50mbps to 100 and now 250mbps. My Tidal streaming is working fine and I have no problems.

I download my Netflix movies very quickly and Google searchs are very fast.