Audio Desk Systeme CD lathe Sound Improver

Anybody still using this "CD edge trimmer"? Any signs of degradation from the exposed aluminum edge? 

You will get much lower jitter from the disc if you apply a rubberized coating to the surface, leaving the chuck area exposed.

I used to do all kinds of mods to disks to improve jitter and readability, including treatments, light exposure, de-static, pens etc..  The most effective thing you can do is to treat the disk with a good treatment and coat the top with a rubberized coating.

I made a jig using some thin card stock to make a mask that covers the disk in a spoke pattern, exposing most of it, except for the outer edge and the inner hub that the chuck must engage. Spray the coating on in layers and then remove the mask and let it dry.  Try hobby stores or Home Depot for the coating.

You will be amazed.  If your CD transport uses a platter instead of a chuck, this is not for you.

BTW, I dont bother with CD's anymore because computer and server audio is so much better, as well as being more convenient.

Geez, and digital proponents say LP’s take too much effort?! Ditch my CD’s? I have a lot of music on my 3,000 + CD library, which I am not about to throw away. It is, after all, about the music. Right?
Don’t forget to demagnetize and ionize the disc, too. For colors, as a basic rule, turquoise for the outer edge and black for the inner edge. Black should not be used for anything except the inner edge. 48 hours in home freezer is also recommended. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
Free tip: since the primary objective of the Audio Deske System is to correct the Out of Round condition of many CDs, which causes the CD to wobble during play, a similar decrease in wobble can be obtained by using ordinary black electrical tape, 1/2" wide, three strips 1 1/2" long in a radial pattern on the label side. This is audible. 👂🏼Furthermore, the CD should be absolutely level during play to decrease the tendency of the disc to wobble. Unfortunately, the Top of the CD player chassis is frequently not (rpt not) really the same level as the CD whilst spinning, so steps must be taken to determine the actual level of the CD/transport/spindle.

One more thing. The way the Audio Deske System bevels the edge at some number of degrees illustrates the importance of dealing with the background scattered light that hurts the sound by getting into the photodetector and being detected by the not too swift photodetector as real signal, i.e., the laser beam reflected back to the photodetector by the metal layer. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. "But I thought the Reed Solomon Error Correction fixed all of that." 😳

@geoffkait when you mentioned freezing and Magic Pen I was pretty sure you are making fun of the idea. Not so sure anymore... 10+ years ago we had quite a few posts on the subject, it took me awhile to realize that Audiogon does not allow PM, so here I was trying to fish out the owners of the Lathe. Fortunately, my post at A-gon Wanteds section was a success! Will report soon: it seems that my Wadia 781i can provide a "hardcore" test on this gizmo/snake oil(?).  As is Wadia refuses to play some CDs. CD mats (i have two: carbon-fiber and the green-gold ones) always make things worse. 
Whats with the price for the thing? It bites, even for the crazies like me :-(
If memory serves the Audio Deske CD trimmer comes with a black marker for painting the outer edge of the trimmed CD and possibly the inner edge as well. In any case, the color black should be reserved for the inner edge only. For the outer edge can I suggest turquoise, green or purple? Black on the outer edge actually hurts the sound. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "But black absorbs all colors." Remind me sometime, I’ll tell you the sad story of the guy who painted the label side of his entire CD collection with a black marker before it dawned on him that the color black there hurt the sound. Moral of story: Sometimes we get carried away. 😧

Rubberized coating, cleaver. The ultimate CD treatment, 3 coats of AVM
on the topside. You can also contact AVM and they offer it as a service.
I have done around 50 CD's they reside in special spot in our library.

If you think that's obsessive, there are vinyl guys taking 2 of the same album then applying 3 coats of AVM to opposite sides of each record!
That's hardcore! I personally have not heard a record treated, but they say it is mind bending, I can say no regrets with the CD's we have done.
Dead quiet, more dynamic, more micro information.    
@audioengr and @perfectpathtech what is the diameter of the inner mask? Is it important, or is it there to prevent rubber spray from getting on the underside of CD? Once I get the Lathe I will try this tip... 
I also am curious to see a picture of what the CD mask (thin card stock to make a mask that covers the disk in a spoke pattern) looks like.  Anyone have a picture?

Also would the rubber spray be clear?  Or green? or black?