Audio Intelligence VS. Walker Prelude LP Cleaning

I searched the archives for this and came up with no results under the analog threads. I have been using the Walker Prelude 4 step system and keep reading that a number of AudioGoners use the Audio Intelligence products and others use the Walker. I really am not interested in other brands at this point or home recipes, just a comparision between these two brands by someone who has used both. I have been using the Walker and it seems to work well, but it is time consuming and am wondering if the AI is better as it mentioned more often here in threads. As a side note I do use MoFi Enzyme on all new records and the Walker on used only. And once and a while I use L'Art du son on my older collection that was originally cleaned with Discwasher. I am not an alchemist just a little goofy on habits.

I haven't used the Walker products but did an extensive and careful comparison of the enzyme solutions from AIVS vs. MoFi. In our comparisons the AIVS came out the winner, FWIW.
I use the AIVS with two water rinses. Never tried the Walker in my own system so I can't offer a direct comparison. I don't think you will save time using the AIVS over the Walker. My AIVS 5-step with Loricraft PRC4 takes 25-30 min per side. Great results, but very time consuming.
The review seems one of the most thorough, and well written that I've ever browsed through.

No, I didn't read it word for word, perhaps too tired right now.

I've never used Walker Prelude, but have used AIVS products for the past 4 years.

I conclude these sort of tests might be very subjective.
The results could've been the exact reverse of what was written, that the reviewer used AIVS, then followed with Walker Prelude, and experienced an improvement in sound.

I suspect both products are two of the finest that man can get his hands on today. Take your pick I reckon.

And the best way to evaluate these two makers's products, is buy them, try them and use the ones you like best. Use what works best for you. Mark