Audio Physic speakers: where on the value scale?

I once owned a pair of Yara floorstanders and found them to be really good for the money. Any opinion on the rest of the line, especially in the upper models, Virgo and up?
if you have the power, room, and a high resolution system then libra's are a great option. they are inbetween the virgo and avanti..they run for $2400 - $2800 and they are really wonderful when set up... the virgos are also a great speaker...

btw, the above speakers are very revealing and sensitive to setup, not to mention very, very inefficent (ap rates their speakers into 4 ohms so plan on at least 200-250 wpc...
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I have the original Tempo and for the price used (around $1000), I haven't come across a better value speaker. Very clear, detailed sound that has worked well with both tube and SS amps.

I have heard Virgo's and always felt they were superb sounding, and a great value. When friends with limited budgets ask about speakers, I mention Audio Physic Virgo ll's.
The Virgo is an amazing speaker. I never cared for the Libra. There was something missing and it did not stay in the line very long. The original Caldera and Avanti were also rather ordinary. The Avanti III is a great speaker.
I'd have to agree with Narrod... I bought his Avanti IIIs
I also agree with Jab and johnjbarlow...the Virgo IIs are one of the best sounding speaker bargins on the used market.
I've owned them and have heard from other former owners that they wished they still had them.
I should have kept mine for a second system in a smaller room for a tube/analog setup.
I'd give the Virgo IIs a 10 on the value scale.
The older models , pre 2000 , are the most musical.
I have heard the Step, Spark 2, Virgo 2,Tempo 3, Tempo 3i, Tempo 3JE.
The first three belong to the older generation and are classics, still great value bought secondhand.
I however liked the Tempo 3JE the most , the JE was a special edition of the 3i .
To me the Tempo 3JE has best value of all the Audio Physic line.
I like the Virgo IIs a lot and love the Avanti IIIs - they just do so much right and are so musical.

They want to be fed by quality electroncs to truly sing, and they need thoughful placement - but man, when you do that they will reward you.

Excellent value and beautiful to look at too.
I have the Virgo II's and keep thinking about replacing them after 10 years. But, it is hard to find something that I like better. I heard the Von Scheikert 4SR and thought they were great. But back on the value scale. I could sell mine for $1500-1600 and there is nothing that would tough it in that price range for those who want detail anad sound stage.
Very WAF friendly designs. Exceptional nice sound on acoustical music/female vocals. Some ringing with the ceramic drivers but exceptional imaging from the slim baffle. Great value, IMHO.