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47 lab Shigaraki 4717 vs the 47 lab Gaincard 4706
This is an old thread , but am still interested in the AMP-1 vs Gaincard comparison.Anyone heard them both? 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Musical Affairs Sonatine, with voices and instruments they are incredibble. 
Avalon ,discoloration of ceramic tweeter
Andromedaaudio, thanks for the link, nice system btw! 
Avalon ,discoloration of ceramic tweeter
Thanks for the responces.I have never played them loud.Bought the Avalons used , with 6 months warranty (ended in May).The dutch importer did listen to the tweeter, and it was sounding fine .His explanation is similar to Aljordan`s. 
Personal speaker evolution
Sold the Audio Physic Step SLE.Bought me the normal Steps with the iron black stands ,very musical sepakers!Avalon Opus.Chario Academy Mill. 1.Musical Affairs Sonatine. 
Avalon Opus with Marantz PM-11S2
Pdreher,the Pathos is a good suggestion.But how reliable are Italian amps?I`ve heard some horrible stories.Toetapfactor,Pass Labs is to expensive at the moment.Jadis are tubes ,never had tubes before. 
Avalon Opus with Marantz PM-11S2
Used PM-11 or an Accuphase 4xx ,are about 2K , that`s my budget at the moment.I know the Opus deserves better. 
Avalon Opus with Marantz PM-11S2
Room is about 20`x13`.Budget is limited, looking for a integrated amp., at this moment. 
Avalon Symbol with ceramic tweeter
Avalon will say offcourse that it`s a big upgrade.I like to hear if it`s worth the price difference , about 1000usd for the tweeter upgrade. 
Personal speaker evolution
My audiojourney started in 1997 with ,JBL L20 bought the for 800 DMARK in Germany, have them for 12 years now!Audio Physic Tempo 3 (2 years),Audio Physic Tempo 3i(1 year),Audio Physic Tempo 3JE(1 year),Audio Physic Virgo 2(1 year),Konus Audio Esse... 
Avalon Mixing monitor plus sub or Avalon Eidolon ?
Hi Buff,did you hear both set ups? 
Avalon Mixing monitor plus sub or Avalon Eidolon ?
At this moment , I am listening to a pair of Audio Physic Step SLE with the Finite Elemente Pro stands, a brilliant litle combination.But they are already 10 years old, how would they compare to the mixing monitor or other high end monitors? 
Best high end monitors?
JM Reynaud Offrande , incredible nice looking/sounding monitors, for a real world price.Those Magico`s are complety overpriced! 
Avalon Studio Pro
Beheme,thanks for your reply, I see that you have changed your speakers.Any comments about the Studio Pro vs Opus, offcourse no match but can the Pro keep up with the Opus?btw I really like your current set. 
DK Design Integrateds
If you can buy it below 1500usd,it`s the best bargain on the market.It equaled my Gaincard, with a lot more basscontrol.