Audio Physic Virgo w/ Cary CAD 300SEI

Anyone running this set-up? The room size for the new system is 17 x 17. Jazz, Bluegrass, and classical make-up most of my music. I'm worried that the 15wpc isn't enough. Just can't get away from that 300b sound. Any other speaker suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help.
I drove the larger audio physic avanti-centures with the 300sei in a 13x16 room. Myself and others were stunned that 15 watts could drive these speakers. I don't listen at extremely loud levels, but this combo was not hurting for power in any way. Excellent match. The virgo's are a great speaker too. I owned those before the avanti's.
Thanks for the insight. Did you run the avanti-centures with any other amps? I was wondering if an increase in watts would improve speaker performance above the 15 provided by the Cary (Not that the sound isn't great, I'm going off the Stereophile review). I have run Cary 805 monos in the past with great results. If I can get the 300b sound with the transparency of the Virgos in such a simple set-up. It would be heaven.

Again, thanks for the help.

I listened to a LOT of speakers before settling on the Virgos. (I have the Virgo II's) I have listened to them through a VTL ST-85, and a BAT VK200. The results have been MAGICAL in both cases. I do not think you can go wrong with any high quality amp, given the spaciousness, accuracy and detail of the Virgos. You will learn to love whatever signature the amp has. My point is that you asked for other speaker recommendations. I think you have found your speaker in the Virgos, its the amp you want to evaluate.
My number one choice for the virgos, based on listening experience with them, is the BAT vk-50SE preamp with the ARC vt100m2 (using svetlana kt88 tubes). I am not sure if the cary would be better than this combo or not. I haven't heard the virgo's in my system for almost two years now.

Note that my cary is a rare bird 'signature' SEI (upgraded at the factory which is the only way to get one) with Western electric 300's & rca silvertops.

Both cary and bat/arc are 'match made in heaven' combinations. The bass from the cary is staggering - you would NOT call is weak or compromised. The bass is a little rounded together compared to my ayre amp.

One guy over at my house remarked that the avanti's with the cary 300sei (15w into 4ohms, 13x16 room) sounded like it had more bass than my eidolon/ayre (400w into 4ohms, 22x13 room). The avanti's have a lot more bass than the virgo's. I didn't agree but they were pretty close. My eidolon's are decoupled from the floor with aurios pros so you don't really feel bass through the floor. I also listen about 15 feet from the eidolons & 6 feet from the avanti's.