Audio Physics Virgo II's; What amp?

What is good value amp for these babies? I love em, would prefer integrated + tuner + CD. I listen to a lot of ambient at normal listening levels....these are spooky-great at dissappearing and imaging. Let me know your whole set up...thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found the Conrad Johnson Premier 140 tube amp was a great match with the Virgo's.
Tubes all the way with these great speakers!
I used a Cary v12i with my Virgos and it was a match made in heaven, which doesn't help you as you're looking for an integrated, but needed to be said :^D
I have also heard them sound fabulous with the Manley it called the Stingray or Snapper or something like that? Highly recommended.
I bought Virgo_ref's speakers (thanks Don) and really like them driven by a Music Reference RM-200.

Hey Wes, glad you are enjoying the Virgo's. They are something quite special sounding!
I like Pass Labs class A amps with my Virgo IIs. I use Aleph 2 mono blocks currently but have matched them with many amps over the last 8 or 9 years years. The newer Pass Int-30 would probably be a very nice match if you want a integrated.
I heard them today with a push-pull 2A3 amplifier, and despite the low wattage, found the match to be fantastic.

Considering you could purchase this combination for $3500 - $5000, I've heard many a system at 10X+ this price that didn't come close. Not sure why I've never bought a pair, as I've always considered them over the past decade.
I have just sold my virgo's and bought the new virgo 25,un real difference and have used many amps.the best was vac ren 30-30 or the new 200 phi.the stage is so smooth and the wires are very important also.try the audience au24 "e version
I had 300b mono blocks MB25 iconaudio that sounded amazing and now replaced these with Hegel H70. The sound is superb !!! though the higher amp, Hegel H100, sounded weird... There is some kind of a matching issue that the virgos are sensitive to and it seems to me that they perform at best with low power amps that are capable providing high current... But this is just my guess so don't criticize me if I am wrong :) but I would like to hear if somebody had also such experience
I used a MF Tri-Vista integrated with the Virgo IIs and it was a great combination