Audio player software for MQA

I recently bought a Mytek Brooklyn with MQA capabilities. I have been using Jriver as my media platform for audio and video but Jriver is not supporting MQA. I just found that Roon supports MQA, but I consider it expensive compared to Jriver. Would you please suggest me other options I could use to play MQA files under Windows 10?. Thanks in advance  
Roon is worth it!  If you have not already done so, download the trial.  The software is so well done, the $10 per month with not phase you.
MQA should pass through JRiver directly to the Mytek. You just have to make sure not to use any DSPs and you should turn off volume control in JRiver. I have not tried it but that should work. Just see if the light turns on.

Roon is planning a software converter as I understand it. With the hardware converter in the Mytek you do not want to use a software converter.

Give JRiver a try. It should work.
Matktomaras, thanks for your response. Why is worth it compared with Jriver?,  I assume that audio quality should be the same right?, digital is digital: ones and ceros ...

DTC, thanks also. will try your recomendation 
I use MQA  with JRiver 21 to an explorer2 dac and it works fine. I am using a macbook pro.
In JRiver settings select integer mode, Bitstreaming-none,  Volume leveling off
Should work