CD software

I'm starting to get to the point in my cd collection that I need to keep track of what I have. I'm using software for my DVD's(DVD Profiler) but I'm lost for cd ones. What do members here suggest. The software has to have the ability to transfer the files on to my PDA either directly or by exporting them to excel.

Many thanks
I've been using a software program from Acoustic Sound that is exportable called Keeptrak. A trial download is available at:

Gordy , I see you can purchase this Keep Trak on that web site. Anyway of contacting them direct, for more information about the software.

Q-Any way of copying the barecode off the CD from a barecode pencil directly into software for keeping trak of thousands of cd's . just wondering

Thanks for the suggestion. Keep them coming let me know what else members are using.
I have a low-tech approach and use Excel.

At the same time I put a title into Excel, I add it to a HTML file which I upload to my Geocities web site. I can write HTML, so I'd rather do it by hand than have Excel export a table in HTML format.

The spreadsheet is useful when I need to resort to check something (like how many multichannel hybrid SACDs I have). Of course, it can go on my PDA.

It's very time consuming to get all the titles into whatever system you use, but once they are in there, maintenance is easy.



Thanks for the suggestion in using excel. What I want would be more in the line with DVD Profiler. All I have to do is enter the bar code and that's it. I want the same for cd's. My friends keep the suggestions coming.