Audio Refine Complete vs. Puccini SE int

Has anyone had a chance to really compare these two integrated amps? Most reviews seem to describe very similar attributes sonically. I'm looking to pair them with my Jean Marie Reynaud Twins mkII and quite a few people here have indicated excellent results with the Complete. I was just wondering how the Puccini SE was in comparison so I won't miss a possibility. Also, it may be a while before I can build the tube amp of my dreams.
the Passion Audio i11 tube integrated embarrased my complete. It is a 40w el 34 amp , if your reynauds are an easy load I'd check it out. It is $1100 dollars and is just so good. look at and
happy hunting
I haven't auditioned the Puccini, but do own a Complete driving Martin Logan Aerius peakers in my office system. I'm very pleased with the sound, as many people have pointed out the Audio Refinement sound tends to be quite mellow and musical. Shameless pitch, but I have an extra Complete in perfect condition for sale here on Audiogon, please get in touch if you're interested. Jeff
Thanks for responding you guys. I checked out the Passion components & kits a while ago and decided if I am going to go that that direction it is going to be the Edison 60 for it's versatility (SE, UL, 300B, etc) and overwhelmingly stellar reviews. In fact, that's what I am saving my pennies for! But, it may be a while before I can afford the full jump to tubes, so I thought I would get the Complete or Puccini SE used in the meantime. There was one of each for sale here on Audiogon for $595 yesterday and another Complete w/ remote and pre-out board for $695 (sorry Jeff). At $600 I can afford it and either way I would have excellent sound until I can go all the way valve.