Audio Research D350 info

Anyone has an info or experience on an ARC D350 amp? I just want to know its market retail value if its worth purchasing it. Is this a reliable or a liability vintage amp? Thanks for any feedback.
Hello I bought one a few years ago. There is the 350B which has lit meters ect. Its a 125 lb giant looks cool. The sound isnt really anything special though I was suprized. keep in mind this was from 1977 or so. At the time this thing was KILLER. Its really great for a biamp situation. There are 3 large fans in there that kick one 1 or 2 or 3 depnding on the load, she can kick out the heat. 1200$$ or so.Another amp in this leauge is the mcintosh mc2300. Its a nice amp though.
Thanks Hiend2,

Have you had any problem with reliability because I don't want to be lugging this behemoth at the repair shop?