Audio Research REF 6 to REF 6SE upgrade.

UPDATE””””””””” I just got off the phone with Audio Research about the REF 6 to 6SE upgrade and I was told that the price of the upgrade went up from last year from $3500 to $5000. I was pretty shocked. Also he said that it will not have to be done by the service dept as they have a guy who strictly does Ref 6 upgrades. as all parts are in stock and it will only take 14 days turn around time. 

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I just saw that they are a step short of filing for bankruptcy. The company was placed in receivership. A company called Lighthouse Group has been assigned all their assets. Hopefully someone will buy them, maybe an agreement has already been made, but this is sad.

Prices are going up everywhere.

i was bummed that my targeted flea watt speaker price jumped by $7k. I complained my dismay to the manufacturer even though I knew Covid/economy supply chain problems was driving costs up everywhere. Luckily, a mint used pair came up for sale in my favorite veneer- birdseye maple, it was speaking to me so I listened :)

Likewise, my someday distant DAC went up in price by $6kI wanted to raise the sonics of my digital chain to closely match the sonics of my high quality analog chain. The best soundings DACs seem to start at $42k Lampizator, Linn, dCs, MSB, WADAX. It was extremely difficult to find something that can satisfying complete at that sonic level but within my budget. . I was extremely disappointed. Luckily Linn wanted to support their past customers of their DAC+streamer unit, so offered the DAC upgrade for $7k. So I purchased their last model used with the older streamer but with the upgraded DAC, the same used in their new $42k DAC+streamer. I’m soooo blessed.

Just curious if anyone on this thread has heard both the 6SE and the 40th Anniversary pre? I am looking at getting either one of these. And curious to know how big a difference there is between the two