Audio space galaxy 88

Does anyone have experience with or own this integrated amp?If so, how does it compare in your experience to others at it's price range?I'm thinking of trying some tubes out and thought it would be a good place to start.Offerings from Manley and Jas Audio looked good as well in the used department.Thanks all!
Anyone use this amplifier?Or have there own personal recommendation that they enjoy in it's price range.I'm keeping an open mind to all brands if you have a favorite.91db,4ohm stable impedance curve are what my speakers are rated at and listen mostly to vinyl.Thanks again.
I went to an expo in Guangzhou and I listen to the galaxy 88 and some of their more expensive gear. I thought it sounded really nice. It was one of the better sounding rooms at the show. IMHO. I can't tell you how it matches up to Rouge, Cary or Manley?
I'm pretty sure you can switch between ultra-liner and triode modes. You may also look at the EL34 and 300b versions of this amp. I really like the Reference series:)
Thanks for the response.Lots of research still to do.Anymore suggestions are greatly appreciated.Upon doing some more reading the Atoll IN100se also caught my eye.
I owned a Cary SLI80 F1 signature 2 years and loved the sound. Spent most of the time in triode mode, but needed to go into UL when playing heavier stuff. The unit I had was a bit figgity and had a couple of service issues...YRMV.... I sold it recently and acquired a Audio Note SG88. Complete opposite of what I expected...much better overall in UL than Triode. I am feeding higher efficiency Paradigm Studios and the sound is good either way...but anything group beyond a trio needs UL. LP's via my VPI Ares 2 sound way good. Unit runs cooler than the Cary, and is very convenient to use. Volume control on the remote is too "fast"....other wise overall, a modest but clear improvement over the Cary. Good luck.