Kora Design 30 and Kora Galaxy

Has anyone heard both the Kora Design 30 and the Kora Galaxy? Besides the Galaxy having more power, and the Design 30 having a pre-amp section, how would one characterize the difference in performance between the 2 Kora amps?

(speakers are small satellites with 89 dB efficiency playing in a small room)

I would appreciate any insight on these 2 Kora amps, from users, dealers, or even Kora themselves. Thanks!
Galaxy has more punch and speed. Design 30 has a more traditional "tube" sound. Really sweet though. Design 30 is a bit harder to rebias.
Can't imagine anything being harder to rebias than the Galaxy, but I still love mine. The Design 30 is satisfactory, especially with the small speakers you plan to use, but I'd go with the Galaxy so you can grow your system in the future. It has plenty of guts and it's great to look at.
I'm having to consolidate space in my system and I'm looking to move my Galaxy if you're interested. I'm considering trades for good solid state integrateds.