Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II Questions

Would the AT-OC9ML/II cartridge be a good match for a ClearAudio Satisfy Carbon tonearm on a Performance SE table? It seems to be a very good value, especially for the sale price at LP Gear, and it would leave me some money towards a good used phono stage (any suggestions?) that would handle MC.

If not the AT-OC9ML/II, then what cartridge & compliance rating would work well with the Satisfy Carbon arm? The compliance rating issue is kind of confusing to me at this point. Thanks in advance. BTW, I listen primarily to 60s, 70s, & 80s soft rock, rock, jazz, & some country also.
I don't know about the Satisfy, but I have one mounted on my Scout and absolutely love it. I too bought one from LP Gear to compare it to my Denon DL-304 and the AT sounded better, to my ears, in every respect. I did have to add a three gram VPI headshell weight for some more mass and that really made the AT sing. Outstanding cart IMHO.
Regards, Sam
I have about 50 hours on the AT-OC9MK2 so I assume it's close to being fully broke in. Mine is mounted on a Rega P9, tracking is set at 1.7g and no spacer/shim was needed. Neutral and linear would be the simplest way to describe the sound, similiar in many ways to my Northstar Sapphire.
Weaknesses-Lacks midrange texture(liquidity/refinement)
-Bass and dynamics somewhat compressed
-Soundstage seperation/lacks a spacious feel
Strengths-Coherent/no spotlighting on certain frequencies
-Adds nothing takes away nothing
-Engagement with the music
The issue of texture/liquidity/refinement would be the main reason I would upgrade to a better cartridge. The other weaknesses might be system/cable related. I will add Spiral Groove Strange Attractors to my P9 to help address the bass/dynamics issue. IMO the only sub $1000 MC cartridge that could better(in some ways) the OC9mk/2 are the Dynavector 20x2l or the Clearaudio Concept MC. My advice is to figure out what phono preamp first then match the cartridge.
As for matching compliance to your arm go to the Galen Carol Audio website--he has a nice, clearly written guide which has been of help to me in the past. (Sorry, I don't know how to do links on the A'gon). I use the OC9 on my Scout following the recommendation of Keith Herron and am shocked by the performance/price value of this cartridge. I have the original JMW-9 arm and use no additional weighting since, according to my research, the OC9 compliance match is spot on without weighting the arm. Given the right setup the OC9 is a stellar performer for the money. I have used a Dyna 20XL, 20XM and XXIIMKII and all were outperformed by the OC9 in my setup (however, all were feeding a Whest PS30R rather than my current Herron VTPH-2). I ended up selling the XXIIMKII and the Whest and for the same money got into the Herron/OC9 combo and got MUCH better results.
The OC-9ML/II is a very good cartridge. It will work just fine in your arm (it is generally forgiving of arm mass). You can always add more mass to your arm if you think it would improve performance.

If you can pop for a Herron phono stage, even a used VTPH-1mc is a great bargain, it is well worth the investment. (I use ALL Herron Audio electronics, nothing else in my system.)
A little late to posting.
I am using a AT OC9ML MKII in my Carbon Satisfy arm and it does sound excellent. May I suggest a Vista Audio Phono Pre.
Excellent sound for $300 fully adjustable.

I am using my AT-OC9MLII in a AT-1005 mkII arm that is considered pretty high mass,20gm with the original head shell and it is making beautiful music....
I don't care for lp gear, but it looks like they've cornered the market on this particular cartridge.
That I where I got mine. Just make sure the cantilever is straight
mine was some had problems but since had been replaced by LPGear. Nice Cart for the $297 price.
They are a AT authorized Dealer so AT would honor the warranty anyway.
For another $200, how much better is the OC9ML/III (mk III)?

One advantage of either one is its MicroLine stylus, especially since MCs can't have replacement styli; they must be re-tipped. My local analog specialty store told me that microlines last 'way longer other stylus shapes. My AT150MLX also has a micro line and it's still playing just fine in its sixth year of service.