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Fritz Carerra Be + Audio Research Ref 3 = WHAT TUBE POWER AMP
I'm using a Cronus DARK with my Be speakers. 2 SVS SB 2000pro in a12x16 treated room, perfect!  
Audible High Pitched Hum... Advice Needed
Did you check everything concerning your cable box? Have the cable company check it making sure it is grounded correctly.   
Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers
Using the Carrera BE speakers in a 12X16 room with my Rogue CM II sounds very nice in my treated room. Just added a Rythmik FT12Se even better.  
Fritz Speakers
I have the Fritz Carrera BE speakers since last Oct. Just added in May a Rythmic FT12SE sub. Only have room for one in my 12X16 highly treated room. More than enough easy integration.Crossed over around 45 Brian's Rythmic defaults are pretty close... 
Just got a Rythmic F12SE has lot of settings here. 12X16 room well treated. No BOOM crap here. It sounds pretty good at their default settings for starters.Fronts are Fritz Carrera Be’s. Amp is a CMII. One question though, use the variable or Fixe... 
KT120 replacement options in a Cronus Magnum II
PcX has them for $174 /pair.  
Fritz Carrera or other possibilities!
I have the Fritz Carrera Bs two things (using tubes): treat the room and good stable/heavy stands will make a big difference. Just got my Sound Anchor stands after almost 2 months wait. That B tweet will splash around in an untreated room. Good st... 
Rogue Audio Triton ii VS. Pathos In the Groove Phono stage???
Using a Cronus mag ll I have the Triton 2 it’s very good extremely quiet with my Shelter 501ll. I have other cartiges too. Very adjustabe worth the price, got it as a demo. I have had a lot of phonos through here. It’s very nice. Sorry Never hea... 
What is the BLUE JEANS equivalent for Power Cables?
it says Cullen current products migrated over to the Wyred 4 Sound site  
Thinking Hybrid Integrated.
The Croft phono Integrated is a weird bird. Strange frequency response going on, phono was way to much bass and unusable in my setup. You need to listen carefully in your particular system. I sold mine not long after I got it.  
PS Audio Perfectwave transport still good?
I have been using a PWT for around 2 years now. Very good. No problems. 1k from the Music room.. But I think most PSAudio is overpriced at their retail. This has a $ 20 Acer dvd drive. They have replacements last I checked. It works but at 3k ori... 
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
 Yes, Integrated's for a long time now. Currently Tube but SS too.  
"Amplifier Noise Floor" and hum acceptable?
Do you have a cable tv setup box etc? Check it , disconnect it, they do not ground correctly on installation. I run 10 tubes in my Cronus Mag ll and alternative  Croft I have zero him of any kind at 90db speakers at the speakers.    
What Integrated Amp do You use
Using a Rogue Audio Corona Mag II for three years now. No intention to change . I have my tube combination. Very good sounding amp when you choose the right tubes for it and what's right for you that is. Room is treated very important, all Wywires... 
MFA MAGUS A2 upgrade/repair
I loved that Magus a2Best wishes with continued use! Enjoy