Audio Tekne Phono cables

Has anyone heard the phono cable. The interconnects and power cords are the best I've had in my system. Any thoughts on the phono cable. I'm using VPI with the Ruby H
Snook, I haven't had the phono cables but I'm using ic, spk, and powercord. These replaced Siltech and Nirvana (which replaced Harmonic Tech, Analysis, and Audioquest complete sets). What cables did you compare them to? Whats in your system? My is Talon, Aloia, Sony SACD. Mike
Mike, I replaced synergistic, transparent,nordost and most of the JPS full sets. Its probably a better phono cable than the transparent or TG Audio( Bob Crump) cable. Rest of system is Dunlavy,Aloia, Audiomeca, and VPI w/Benz ruby.