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Dartzeel and Evolution Acoustics Dealer in U.S
Thanks, I will Contact John Stone. Will be going through the upgrades through Herve directly.  
Just received a timbernation all maple 4 shelf rack. Good workmanship and very good grade of maple. It took about 30 minutes to put together and fits tight. Nice change from metal and stacks. Very happy. The ordering is matter of fact. Send money ... 
How Long Did It Take You To Build Your Dream Setup?
It took about 10 years of trial. Haven't changed anything significant in last10 years. Dartzeel and Evolution Acoustics the reason 
Isolation Transformers
I live in an area with lots of voltage fluctuations. I settled on the Torus AVR after years of using the audiophile hyped units. It was a definite sound upgrade. I plug everything into it.  
We've lost another...
His first two records are always go to music.  Genius 
Where's the love for my RP-10 and Apheta 2?
I have the rp10 for 2 years and no problems and sounds great running thru the dartzeel preamp. The ultimate set it forget it turntable.  The VPI's and Linn's drove me nuts with adjustments. 
evolution acoustics mm2 - review after 600 hours
They are still exciting every time I turn them on. I have only replaced the woofers a couple times over the last 8 years which was easy to do.  Last speaker I will own HOPEFULLY 
Speakers for a very large room?
Evolution acoustics MM2’s solved all of my big room problems. I am also a progressive and jazz fusion junky. Everything else is just crap  to my ears. You need big powered speakers for a big room 
speakers with active bass
I have been listening to Evolution Acoustics mm2.  I was chasing bass for my large room for years until I got them. Never could integrate added subs 
A song murdered by someone.
Yoko Ono's cover of Someone Like You by Adele.   Check it out on youtube and see if its the most frightening sound you have ever heard 
What improvements did you hear in going from entry level to high end Audio?
For a quick answer:  Getting the bass correct.  I changed speakers over 10 times. Combinations with subwoofers didn't work. About 8 years ago I went with Evolution Acoustics MM2 which nailed it 
Torus RM20 Idle Power Consumption
I have  the torus 20 for 5 years and have never shut it off. Works perfect.  
Torus power vs the competition
Torus worked best. I live in an area with lots of voltage fluctuation. this solved the problem especially if you want longer life on your tubes. No need for the boutique brand power strips and conditioners.  
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
Is it difficult to reach Cerious Tech.  I have tried through calling and email for a week with no response.  
Will you be going to see YES or YES this summer?
Great show in Clearwater fl   Refreshing choices of albums. Same energy as the 70's.