Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth Music Receiver

Anyone has tried this? It sells at $189.
Is it significantly better in audio quality than many cheap Bluetooth audio receivers starting from $20?
I have an HRT iStreamer, and I feel its audio quality is inferior to CD when played with Spotify.
I wonder whether B1 is at least as good as iStreamer.
Any thought?
I have the Audioengine and it definitely takes Bluetooth to another level.  The same system has a Bluesound Node2 that offers Bluetooth and the Audioengine blows it away.
  Having said that, it’s Bluetooth, and won’t sound as good as a CD.  Spotify also won’t sound as good as a CD due to their compression algorithm.  So Spotify via Bluetooth ( that is actually why I added the Audioengine, so that I could stream Spotify) can sound decent, but you won’t mistake it for CD quality 
I have one and stream Radio Swiss Classic and like it very much. Actually I am quite impressed with the quality of sound it achieves given what it is and  depending on the quality of your digital front end it may or may not compete favoribly. As to weather it is better than the $20 units you mention I can't comment as I haven't heard them. Audioengine offers a 30 day return policy so nothing to lose if you don't like it.