Audiogon Tech Question

I wanted to save a search for an item that is not currently listed on Audiogon. 

When there is an item for sale, I have the option of saving the search and getting email notifications. 

If there are no items listed, there isn't the option to save the search.  Which seems like a more important time to save one, since the item is rare...

Any advice or tips? 


Boy, you can say that again.  

Having said that... how does the saved search feature work in this situation? 


+1 @yogiboy I was just going to say, HiFi Shark and its notifications do exactly this, but across multiple platforms (USAM, eBay, Audiogon, etc). 

US Audio Mart and Canuck Audio Mart also have a save search function that works even when the product doesn't exist for sale on the site.

I just ran into the same issue… seller added an extra letter to the model number (not part of my saved search) and I wasn’t notified the item was for sale, even though all the other search terms were correct. I can’t go back and make my existing search less specific, or add a new search term. Very frustrating.