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Hi everyone,

My guess is that these comments have been made before. If so, I don't apologize. Read on....

I just want to express my appreciation for the membership here at Audiogon. The staff responsible for this site has done a great job and my thanks to them also. You know, at my age it's kind of hard to get the warm fuzzies. The last couple of days have done that to me though, and at a time when I could have used the "renewed faith in my fellow man" thing. These aren't big stories, just small ones that show the overall character of this huge group assembled through the magic of electrons.

After upgrading my system way more than I initially intended I had a boatload (to me) of equipment that needed to find a home. Every sale has gone without a hitch. The last pieces I listed I had agreed to hold for the buyer until he gathered up the last bit of cash for the purchase. This fine gentleman informed me that he was sending payment early but to hold the items for shipping since he might not be home when they arrive. My position is simple. I can't spend the money until the items are in his posession and he is satisfied that all is in fine shape and the deal is done. So, sending early payment is him being concerned about ME. I appreciate this. This gesture, although small in the scope of things, says a lot about his character.

I recently posted a wanted ad for some vinyl. I received a reply from a member and we exchanged emails about my wants and his inventory. The short story is that he sold me the albums at a lower price than I was prepared to pay. I had disclosed the price range in an earlier email exchange and he came back at the bottom of my price range rather than the top. To top it off, when I committed, I didn't have his name or address for sending payment. I woke to an email today informing me that the vinyl was on it's way and I could forward payment. What a guy!

Bottom line, it's YOU, the community that make up Audiogon that I'm really thankful for. There is really something about a shared love of music that brings out the best in mankind. It's a beautiful thing when a seller is concerned about a buyer and the buyer is concerned about the seller. Business could learn a lot about how to succeed by spending time at this site. It just might be more meaningful than an MBA from Harvard.

My best to all of you.

Happy listening,
I've had similar experiences. One person I bought vinyl from 3 times. Each time he threw in about 15% extra vinyl that was not even part of the deal. These were bargain basement prices to begin with, and even when I told him I would pay more--he replied--no that's enough. Also, all of my transactions have gone almost flawlessly (I used to trade as an individual as Abstract7--so if you check my "Rives" feedback there's not much there. I haven't traded much since I've been in the business).
Patrick, I also share your admiration for this community.
I find the audiophile community here and that the asylum to be generally (you will run into exceptions, far and between) polite, helpful, honest, honorable, funny, knowledgeable (beyond simply audio gear and music) and intelligent.

I agree this is a great site; it has cost me more money than I care to admit but soooo what. Thanks everyone and enjoy the music.
I had somebody, whom I had 1 prior transaction with, ship me a Mephisto II player ($6595 msrp) on my word my personal check was in the mail. I got the unit before the check cleared. How's that for a good old-fashioned (electronic) handshake deal!
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I agree with the above comments about the Audiogon membership. Whenever, I've contacted an Audiogon member they took the time to respond and were courteous.

I've been particularly lucky with the full range driver/horn and SET community. These people are highly intelligent and helpful and seem to have a deeper understanding about music reproduction.
I have to concur. In the few years I have been posting to this site, I have made many friends. Some have been more gracious than I could have ever wished for.

Almost all of my purchases here have been fabulous. I prefer to do business in person, and have done that via this site. Three times.

In all of the instances, it was never just a here's your money, thanks for the component. Rather, I have spent a significant amount of time with the person. Talking about the component, talking about their system, talking about my system, talking about audio, talking about other things.

All three people I have met were extremely nice people. The kind of people you WANT to do business with. In the most recent deal, I talked to the person several times before the weekend came to pick up the item, spent several hours at his home, and have spoken to him several times since. He has called three times just to ask how I liked the component, offer advice in maximizing its performance, tips for the future, and offered to put me in contact with others as well.

Kudos to Audiogon, and its members!
Wish I could say I've had similar experiences but I haven't.
All I seem to get is bad feedback.
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Good post. I agree this site is a great place to do business. Don't even get me started about MBAs. How many jumped-up 20/30-something no-nothing MBAs have I met ? The only way to learn business is to practise it. (BTW I'm sure that there are many good MBAs out there, my opinion is that the problem lies in people with MBAs assuming they know all there is to know).
I agree. It seems like the community on Audiogon is a little cut above what I'm used to dealing with in my daily life. Honest advice, transactions with integrity, and genuinely enthusiastic. I like it!