Audiolab 6000N going Gapless - FINALLY

As of Sept 2022,  Audiolab have upgraded software that now support gapless playback for their newest products, but not the 6000N .

Today (Oct 25 2022) Audiolab support stated that a new software update coming soon will upgrade the 6000N to gapless playback. Finally,, FINALLY.


Personally I feel this will be a game changer for the 6000N. What you all think?


from Audiolab:

"The Audiolab 6000A Play and Audiolab Omnia now both support Gapless streaming, Audiolab 6000N Play Gapless support coming soon in next Play-Fi update this will be rolled out automatically via the Play-fi app."


Kind Regards

Steve Hughes

Helpdesk Technical Advisor

IAG HOUSE, Audiolab


I think that any stream renderer not supporting gapless playback is badly broken. So yes, an important step for the product.

Couldn't agree more. If I knew how important GAPLESS is prior to purchasing the Audiolab 6000N streamer (my first streamer) I would not have bought it.

I do have to give it top marks for sound quality though. If you ignore the lack of gapless and its finicky OS I'd have to say it does sound very very good. Hard to beat at it's price point (even 3 times its price). 

Nov 25/22.


AudioLab 6000N upgrade to gapless. All AudioLab streaming products are now gapless.

This is HUGH. Just listened to Pink Floyd DSOM and now in wonderful glorious GAPLESS play back as it was ment to be.


Thank you Audiolab for this update. I will now be keeping my 6000N.