Audiomeca Lurnè J1 dust cover hinges (or suitable)

For my Audiomeca Lurnè J1, I’m looking for a pair of original hinges (or suitable) for the dust cover.

Here, pics with detailed sizes:

I searched on Ebay and Hifishark but I’ve found anything: any suggestion?
Better if from an european seller but it’s not imperative, of course.


Most hinges are 43-44mm like the Linn Sondek hinges.

Why can't you adapt those - you may have to drill new holes in the bottom half of the hinge to marry up with the existing plinth holes, but it should be doable.


uhm... May be an option...
I don't realize if there is enough space in the bottom half of the hinge for a new  hole on the left upper side (the hole in the bottom right side will fit).
I'll get in touch with the seller asking that. 
Tks Dover.

I have one but no idea from which TT. Post to me the picture so I 

can check. I sold my Lurne  long time ago.