Audiophile Love by the PC industry?

I have been using an Azulle Byte 3 with MS Win10 as a cheap media server since I have NAS but the time for me to build a new unit is coming quick.  I am probably going to wait until autumn after the new Ryzen chipsets and processors have debuted.  But I did start looking around at the z390 chipsets and I was amazed to see the consideration given to audio by the PC industry compared to last time I built a PC.  Anyone have experience in use/install?  I probably would not use these precise boards for my media server with the consideration I already have an external DAC to plug into but my office PC might sound better in the future depending how the reality meets the hype.  (scroll through listed features to audio section)
   ALC1220 120dB(A) SNR HD Audio with Smart Headphone Amp automatically detects impedance of your head-worn audio device, preventing issues such as low volume and distortion.
   The GIGABYTE motherboards boast a combination of Hi-Fi grade WIMA FKP2 capacitors and high-end audio capacitors. While the high-end audio capacitors are suited for high-grade audio equipment, using state of the art technology to provide rich sound in the bass and clearer high frequencies, the WIMA FKP2 capacitors are being used widely in premium grade Hi-Fi systems.
   Adjustable Voltage USB Port with Dedicated Power Design
   127dB SNR AMP-UP Audio with High-End ESS SABRE 9018K2M DAC, LME 49720 and OPA1622 OP-AMP, WIMA audio capacitors
   ESS SABRE reference DAC (ESS 9118)
   Hypertream Dynamic Range (SNR 125dB)
   High-Res music (32bit, 192KHz PCM)
   Super low THD+N (THD+N -112db)
   Realtek's latest ALC1220 Codec
   WIMA and Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors
   TXC OSCILLATOR provides precise time triggers to Digital-Analog Converters.