Have you ever wondered who sets the trends in the hi-end speaker industry?

Have you ever wondered who sets the trends in the hi-end speaker industry?

Analyzing the modern market of acoustic systems, we can note the fact that acoustic systems are built on the basis of more and more complex crossover filters. And now it was proud rather than a negative fact...

Then why do you buy super expensive wires when inside the speaker system, your qualitatively amplified audio signal meets kilograms of copper, nihrome resistances in its path.
And what is the output? Phase shifts, nonlinear distortion, etc. and as a result, a "lifeless sound"

The frequency cut of tweeter driver in modern audio systems is in the average range from 2.5 to 3 KHz. This means that tweeter driver playing unusual for its desig frecquency range.... And actually it’s very sad, due to the fact that people have no choice...

Add the fact that more and more are used artificial materials in the design of elements of speaker drivers, which negatively affecting timbre characteristics of sound. After all, we have long forgotten that the timbre of sound determines the musical expressiveness

Now ask a question who creates trends in the world of speaker systems?

Let me think about it for a couple of days and I’ll get back to you.
The technology of conventional speakers is a well known and easy to produce technology, with small variations in S.Q. compared to the acoustic active and passive methods of controls.... The increase of S.Q. in a treated room versus a non treated room is insane... Insane...

Gives me a pair of speakers and you will not recognize their sound if I treat the room....

That is the lesson I learned.... My speakers cost me used 50 bucks and they beat the crap of anything I ever listen to in the treated room I homemade created for them.... Dont buy before thinking.... My best to you....
Now ask a question who creates trends in the world of speaker systems?

Replace colors with sounds, belts with speakers.

No.  Mostly it's manufacturers who set trends.  After all, if someone isn't making it you can't buy it.

Manufacturers also have to stir up interest.  They need to create buzz (no pun intended) about the latest and greatest, and a whole bunch of people go chasing after it, and a bunch more are at least subliminally affected.

Mass-market manufacturers (and by this I mean companies like B&W) often pretty much determine what a whole bunch of consumers can buy, unless they're motivated enough to drive four hours each way or go down the path of mail order/

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Speaker styling trends are established by committee, currently chaired by Clarence Carter. Before that was Stevie Wonder.
I heard on a Frank Zappa album it is folks called “trend mongers” specifically “Big Swifty & Associates” that determine trends.  “ The Adventures of Gregory Peccary” as I recall.
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Sometimes, smart people with ideas that are somewhat "different" from the norm help here.

Take Mr. Jim Winey, an engineer at 3-M in the 1960's, who was working with materials that gave him the idea for Magneplaners.  As one audio writer put it:

"To be clear, not everyone really wants to hear the input signal unaltered. Some folks like their systems to offer certain colors that please their ears. While I would never argue with whatever brings anyone their listening pleasure, this entry is directed toward folks who want the colors to come from the music and not from the gear used to listen to it."  

Thus the fascination I have had with these speakers since first hearing them in my shop in 1974.  I brought my cornet and guitar(s) to the shop and played them while the speakers were on.

That was it.  From then on, after listening to ALL the boxes in my shop--a so-called "high-end" shop--I realized that I had been mistaken about the accuracy of speaker sound reproduction all those years past.

When you reproduce the recorded information as it was recorded, you finally understand what Mr. Winey was doing.  For those who prefer "colors" with their music, I totally understand.  BUY WHAT YOU LIKE was the motto in my shop and remains my watchword.

BUT, if you want that "uncolored" reproduction, you do have a valid choice.

I do?
 Hardly. We don't even know what turd you're rolling down the hill at us.
The industry is now run by large groups whonare swallowing up brands and large dealerships/distributors who dictate to these groups what products they want.

Then they'll employ well known designers within the industry to oversee product development, but sharing platforms and parts, much like the car industry. 

High End hifi is becoming very generic, but I do see alot of interesting small brands coming thru, esp loudspeakers. Maybe in response to this

steve guttenberg the audiophiliac
Certainly an influencer if not a trend setter.

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Did you notice that kenjit is conspiciously absent from this thread?
OP is kenjit twin.