Audiopoints Discs or Sound Anchors Conecoasters?

I'm looking to buy some protective discs so that my floorstanding speakers can be spiked to hardwood floors.

The Conecoasters are stainless steel discs with high-density felt on the bottom. Probably less likely to mark the floors, but possibly less efficient at coupling the speakers to the floor?

The Audiopoints discs are brass with no felt on them. They are less expensive and may theoretically do a better job at coupling the speaker to the floor.

Has anyone tried both so that you can offer a comparison? Has anyone had a problem with the Audiopoints discs marking their floor? Is there anything else I should be considering?
I use Walker Discs. They do not mar the floor and do a great job of coupling. They are a bit more expensive than most tweaks however.
Here we go again. The idea behind the Audiopoints, couldn't be more different than the Conecoasters. One is based on the coupling principle and the other is on the decoupling one. I'm a coupler. The Audiopoints are designed to send all your speaker resonances to the floor. Notice they don't have felt. That's because felt absorbs and the Audiopoints are designed to transfer these resonances unimpeded to the floor. Also, at the same time, the resonances will not travel back up through the point. If you have hard wood floors they have these little discs so your points won't harm the floor. I have my points directly on the floor. I believe the resonances ground quicker this way. Just a belief. I believe in the Audiopoints principles and have them on all my electronics and speakers, either by themselves or through the Sistrum Rack Systems. My system never sounds wonderful with the Sistrum points and racks.
I have only used the Audiopoint discs. I have Legacy Signature III speakers (130 lbs each) on Audio points sitting on the Audiopoint Discs on my hard wood floor. There is no marking on the floor however I also don't slide my speakers on the floor.
Thanks guys. Warrenh, I had guessed that the Audiopoints discs were going to do a better job of coupling the speakers to the floor. I was just curious to see if anyone had made a direct comparison between the two products to figure out how much of the advantage of coupling is lost when the felt layer is added into the mix. Since Lak reports that there is no marking problem, I will probably go with the Audiopoints discs.