Audioquest Blizzard PC

I have just received the Blizzard PC and was wondering if it needs some break in before it sounds its best. It is 72 DBS. I am asking because it does sound better than Pangea AC 9SE that I had on my Audioquest Niagara 1200 which I also bought a week ago. The Pangea had more air around instruments. Not to say Blizzard does not have air around instruments but it is less than Pangea. Pangea is fully broken in so Blizzard should at least equal it or surpass it. Thanks.


I would agree that some break-in time is needed. I usually ask the manufacturer of the products I use. Kind-of one size doesn’t fit all. However with a power cable it will continue to break in as long as the component is powered up. No music needs to be played, from what TheCableCompany stated. Only signal carrying cables need playing time for best break-in. I cant speak to which cable will outperform whom. Good luck with your Blizzard.