Audioquest Emerald generation 1

Hello everyone!
I'm new here and this is my first thread.
Does anyone know the difference in appearance between the AQ Emerald that came first on the market and the other Emeralds that came after it? Apparently the first one sounds the best, but if I would like to buy me one on the internet I cannot distinguish the right one I'm looking for.
Hi Zolar...cannot help you on that. Except to say i own the original Emerald from 1992...and i have kept it all these years, despite having upgraded my system to Transparent Ref XL MM2...that hopefully should say something. Incredibly natural, a bit warm and fuzzy compared to today's latest...but exceptionally well balanced. And for the money? A steal. Good luck. my two cents.
Thanks Lloydelee21.
It is saying something indeed. As soon as I sell my LAT the Emerald is my next goal. I hope I'll find that original one though. Usually those who are selling them don't know which one they have so it is a little complicated to find the right one. It is even hard (impossible?) to recognize it from the pictures on the adverts.
Good Luck! I have been looking for the original Lapis. Can't seem to find it.

I prefered the original Diamond to Lapis, and today they are probably about the same price. All the smoothness of Emerald, all the detail of Lapis. My 2 cents.
Lloydelee, Back when those interconnects were new I owned both silver Lapis and Diamond, balanced and single ended. I agree, the Diamond interconnect is better. I can't seem to find Diamond either. I even ran a "Wanted" ad with no response.
Audioquest emerald first generation is same constuction as first (copper) lapis. Its hard to distinguish of another (2.) version emerald and the name is only Emerald Hyperlitz. On outher sides of cables is no difference, only method to see what version of hyperlitz is to remove outher connector oand lookin inside. sound of this firs generation is the best of all emeralds, i have all version.
Ako imaš još pitanja za emeralde, pitaj...doktorirao sam na njima i svim audioquest kabelima
So it seems the only way to know is to buy a tons of Emeralds and remove the connectors to find the right one, otherwise it's not possible to distinguish them. That's not good, I don't have so much money :)
Hvala Jerga. htio sam vidjeti dali ima nekoga da slučajno zna nešto više jer se ta opcija sa kupnjom na slijepo ne isplati
Interesting...i own 2 sets of emeralds from 1993. Although i have largely transitioned over to Transparent Audio Ref XL, i keep both sets in the drawer for future use if i ever need them.
AQ Emerald Hypelitz (first and second generations) is very very good IC, third generation (x3) little worse. First generation is so good becouse its sofisticated construction, similar to Diamond only emerald had 2x6 thinner copper wires, diamond 2x3 silver wires. I replace kimber KCAG with Emerald in my sistem...emerald is thrue winner
Zolar, i have AQ Diamond in arrival, and depend of results in my system, is possible that one 0,5 m pair emeralds become free...javi se ako te zanima, ni sam još nisam siguran da li da ga se riješim. Prejak je to kabel
Yeah, maybe. I'll think about it. If I'll sell my LAT IC 300 probably I'll contact you
I have a pair of early AQ Emeralds (as well as a pair of Turquoise) that I will sell. Email me off line and we can discuss price.