Batteries in my Audioquest Colorado RCA interconnects

The box attached to the cables read: aq DBS 72v

It takes (6) 23ae 12v batteries in each box per cable. I judiciously replace batteries in remotes etc. yearly like checking the fire alarms. These batteries, which I have failed to register, have been in / attached to these cables for 8 years plus however long they were in prior to my purchase. AND they did not leak. AND when I push the little button on the box on the cable the little green light turns on. 

Would that be pure lucky and amazing?

Also, can anyone tell me if I am using them in the best way: They connect the output of the tube pre-amp to the input of the tube main amp. My thinking is that is where the most current / possible noise would exist. But looking for advice. As these are my most expensive (I think best quality) interconnects I own.


I had to google this cable to see what the 72 v is used for.  Turns out is just is used to put an e-field across the diaelctric (insulation) to supposedly reduce RF noise.   So there is no current flow.  So probably most current leakage that would cause your batteries to die is inside the batteries.  Theoretically they will last forever.   I'd look at a set of new batteries, see what their advertised shelf life is, and change them out at that interval, just to make sure they don't leak inside your battery chamber.

I would replace the batteries! Those batteries are good for 8-10 years and you definitely don’t ever want them to leak. Happy listening.

@cinqcepages in my experience I always got the best results with the best interconnects between pre and amp. But…bottleneck’s a bottleneck no matter where it is. 

For fun you might want to see how much of a difference you can hear using the interconnects without any batteries.

For fun you might want to see how much of a difference you can hear using the interconnects without any batteries.

My understanding is the batteries are more theoretical than actual. 

@jetter @russ69 I was thinking about that; and now that you suggest it - I am going to do it. No harm.

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@cinqcepages - There's all kinds of harm to possibly finding out that you can't hear a difference!  It'll lead to some type of unhappiness.  Is your system not good enough to hear the difference in?  Is the DBS 72v a total scam and now you feel compelled to change/upgrade your interconnects?

By the way, I have some of the lower end AQ interconnects and am a happy customer.

Just another cure in search of a disease! The audio equivalent of homeopathic medicine.

These are 27A batteries, not aa these are much more powerful 

and a must use Duracell are best and make a difference .

Audioholics did a tests of the audioquest speaker cables with batteries, and no surprise, the measured worse with batteries in than out. 

@cinqcepages -

     While you have the batteries out: check them with a multimeter, for full, remaining voltage.

     After that many years, even without a load, batteries can lose output potential.

     No telling how minimal a voltage might still illuminate that test light.

     Unless your batteries are still at their peak; a test with and without, would not be legit.

@mceljo I was and am happy. Just surprised that a: I didn't realize they had batteries and B: that they didn't leak after so many years! But what you say is correct.

@jasonbourne52 I kind of thought that. I bought them at an auction clearance of a store going out of business. Got them for $100. So I used them. But I had my doubts about the technology.