Audioquest Rocket series

I would like to upgrade my speaker cables without spending a lot if it will improve the sound. I was at a dealer last week who suggested the Audioquest Rocket series 33, 44 or 88. Any opinions on these?

I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum, MH 7.1, Goldring 2400 and Energy RC10 speakers. Cheap BR player for CD's(eventually upgrade to Cambridge,Oppo or something similar).
You find relatively little on the forums about AQ Rocket series. Not a popular choice around here.

I am very pleased with my current speaker wire- AQ Rocket 88 (non-DBS), purchased from musicdirect. A definite step-up from AQ Type 4.

If you have a good local dealer, try and take some of his suggestions home to demo on your own system. Your ears (and wallet) will answer the question pretty quickly.
I went from Rocket 44 to Rocket 88 with DBS. Rcket88 gives you more detail in music and a lot more musical, staging was improved as well.
Earlier in the year, I took advantage of Music Direct's closeout prices on Audioquest and wired my system with King Cobra ICs, Rocket 44s, and NRG-4 power cables...basically AQ's best of the non-DBS stuff. My ears never really liked the sound; bass and highs seemed rolled off and detail wasn't that great. Guitars just didn't have any attack and were wimpy. Overall, I felt the Audioquest stuff made my system sound compressed and veiled sounding. Despite numerous break-in time and 4 months of hoping things would get better, I eventually scrapped everything for similarly-priced Acoustic Zen cabling and never looked back.
That's odd.  In the last year I've acquired Rocket 44(biwire), NRG-4 power cables and some Sydney RCA interconnects.  It's the best my system has ever sounded.

So I wonder about Dustsailor's results.  He never mentioned his system or speakers, maybe there just wasn't any synergy.  My system was the Parasound P5, Adcom 555SE(current production amp), NAD C565BEE cd player and Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC which I connected my phone to.  Speakers were Totem Sky Bookshelf models, which were the most expensive component in my system.

Accuracy, detail and imaging have been quite good, YMMV.  I can't fault Audioquest, I really think that they well know how to make a fine cable.
I used Audioquest in a Rotel/B&W system. I thought it was a no brainer, considering that AQ wiring is always used in Rotel/B&W systems at the shows. The Audioquest just made everything sound small, congested, and confined to the speakers. The Acoustic Zen brought a natural sense of warmth and involvement to the sound, along with a holographic 3-D presentation which was lacking with the AQ.
I upgraded from BJC 10 AWG to Rocket 88 with DBS....WORLDS of difference, clarity, detail, resolution....All improved and they sound amazing...Using them on Bryston Mini-T speakers with an Anthem PVA-7 amp...The change was well worth it! 
Don't hate on Audioquest --- I tried AQ rocket 88's in my Burmester reference series system and Audio Physic Kronos speakers with awesome results in every regard  - Just for fun I dropped them in between a pair of KEF Reference 1's and an NAD M10 with equally awesome results.

That's my experience based on what I like 

Then I dropped the Audioquest NRG-100 power cable into both systems, also awesome!!! 

I purchased both 
I met Bill Low at a local shop and told him I was considering bi-wiring by reconfiguring single runs of AQ Type 8...he pulled a set of rocket 33s off the shelf and explained why they would likely sound I bought a pair. They sounded very good but I went back to single wiring with the 8s since with a particular set of speakers it sounds better. The end.
Hi, I started using AQ cables quite a few years ago, and have progressed up the ladder in terms of SQ..I started with some Gibraltars and Colorado ICs. The improvement in SQ  over (then) top of the line QED speaker cables was very marked, Over the intervening years I've upgraded to K2s and Sky/Niagara ICs. During Lock-down I've changed my power amps to monoblocs and retired the long K2s, using a pair of very short Nordost Blue Heavens I had lying around. I'm not sure yet about the end result SQ wise as the Nordosts have only a few hours of use compared to the K2s with Hundreds. The problem is that so much of cable choice is down to the way a cable works in a particular system, sometimes they make a big difference sometimes none at all, even changing just one source component can make a system that  was previously sensitive to cable changes into one where they make no audible difference.
As with a lot of audio, the best bet is to listen in your system, and go with what YOU like.
I'm now using a pair of Canare 4S11 cables, nicely terminated and sleeved by Ram Electronics. Really happy with these!