Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet

Anyone compare and contrast? I am running the Wireworld Starlight 8 3M from DAC to modem, sounds very good, audiblly better than Supra 8 cable. Is AQ Vodka a step up from Starlight? Thx. Neal


As for the popularity of the Sonore Optical Rendu, it is an Ethernet-to-USB convertor and not just an inserted optical link.

Yeah but it’s still using fiber to kill noise — same principle. 

Hopefully picking up my custom length WW Platinum Starlight Ethernet cables today.

One will go from my Ediscreation Extreme Fiber Box II to my streamer/server. The WW Starlight has been a stellar performer and I would recommend it to anyone, I'm only changing because I'm curious as to what the Platinum will do.

I have mentioned the Ediscreation several times, it's essentially the same as the video posted above but everything is in one box, using very high quality components.

I will be experimenting with higher quality Ethernet cables feeding the Ediscreation, because noise may be removed but signal integrity is paramount.

Yeah but it’s still using fiber to kill noise — same principle. 


In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.  (Yogi Berra)

Hate to say this, but not all fiber created equally, quality of FMC and what feeds it important. I've tried generic with stock switching power supplies straight into wall,no power conditioning, same feeding lithium ion battery pack, linear power supply on only one FMC, linear ps on both, different linear ps's of various voltages, a number of different power cords, all this with and without plugged into my BPT 3.5 sig transformer based power conditioner. Everything matters, I've heard rather thin, harsh sound with switching power supplies, dark with switching and linear into lithium ion. One lps with very nice power cords into BPT nice, two lps better, gives lower noise floor, most natural sound. I have order in on Sonore OpticalModuleDeluxe, should be available July, compare directly to generic, pretty poor internal power supply and clock vs. OM which has four linear power regulators and Femto clock.


While optical is the only network solution with 100% galvanic isolation, meaning noise proceeding it cannot be passed on, noise generated from within the last FMC in line can be passed on. On paper, substituting OM for last in line generic should result in lower noise floor, less jitter, equals higher resolving, more natural sound.


Also, FMC in itself cannot improve on any noise and it's deleterious effects created by streaming components PRIOR to FMC, Which  is to say, every single link in chain critical for best streaming performance.

I should add in referencing OP, ethernet cables remain of great importance even with FMC.