Audirvana Studio: My track and radio tabs do not display content

When using Audirvana Studio, I am connected to QoBuz and am in the Qobuz Favorites tab. My track and radio tabs do not display content.

  1. When using the favorites tab, I hit albums and all my albums are displayed. When I hit Artists, nothing is displayed. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Same question as above except when I hit the radio tab, nothing is displayed? What am I doing wrong?


I am a new user of the Audirvana Studio App. My iPad is connected to my MACBOOK M2 PRO computer. Am I missing a setting or is it something else? Thanks…

The above was also posted to the Audirvana Forums. I hope someone can help me.


In settings there is a Meta Data Recovery switch in Settings under Local, there is also Rebuild Indexes in the same area. This may or may not do the trick. Audivarna is quirky.

Audirvana Studio Forum explained the reason why my artists and track were not appearing in my favorites list.

Obviously, this was my error. I did not realize that favorite artists and tracks had to be made QoBuz favorite before they would appear in the favorite artist and track tabs.  It makes perfect sense (now!).

This was my misunderstanding.  I thought that a favorite album also made the artist and tracks a favorite in QoBuz.