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Seller Unresponsive after payment.
Super negative unless he has an incredible excuse....Wait until all is settled then super negative. I would be freaking. You seem much more level than I would be. It will turn out in the end.   T  
Where do I go from here?
PSAudio has a generous trial period. Maybe try the spout, it has everything inside and ready to go as a streamer Dac and pre....get a better idea of what you need and keep it or send it back no questions asked.  
Warm vs Revealing—the struggle for balance
I can say.....I feel I have the perfect system with a perfect balance. I truly believe I am out of the race. It's been about 30 years.   TD  
What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.
They would have to be designed like the reverse of an ear.  
Time of Day for best Sound
That ASR Emitter II is way out of my league. Wish I could hear it.  
Bought a system without auditioning, thoughts?
Send it to me and I will run it through its paces for you and then return it to you. You will need to provide postage and insurance.   
DACs with switchable high/low gain (output) settings
PsAudio Dacs have 20Db attenuation, wish it were 10Db. I think their latest dac has several level options.  
Call your Qobuz Representative to Request DSD
I have autum rain it is excellent. Pengo has another great record related to autum rain called Circles...not dsd but worth getting if you like autum rain.   Thanks   T  
Call your Qobuz Representative to Request DSD
Well I purchased "Chet" 128 DSD and it sounded identical to 96. It makes sense, it cant be better that the original, but I guess I was hoping that if they were going through the trouble to produce a DSD file, that they had an original that was di... 
Is there a "Help" Thread?
Well, I emailed but haven't heard anything.......hmmmm.....wonder if the spam monster took the reply?   :0   I'll try again  
What was your first record?
@jasonbourne71 Goldfinger is a great record !  
Hissing at idle through one amp but not another
Yeah. 12AT7's are usually quiet but you can always get one that will hiss 2 or 3 times as the other. Switch the pre tubes left to right and see if the noise travels  
Call your Qobuz Representative to Request DSD
@lalitk  HDTapeTransfers look AMZING   Thanks again....I know what Im doing Saturday 😎  
Curious Why Benz Micro Slid Into Obscurity
I liked my Benz Micros, I had two of them.  
To condition or not ?
I've only had one experience with a conditioner. It was a PSAudio block, not a power plant. It killed the life of everything. I ended up putting in a 20Amp dedicated circuit.