Auralic Altair vs Aires G1.1

The Auralic gear is highly regarded on this site.  These two models just had a drastic $1000 price drop and I am trying to discern why they are equally priced, while the Altair includes a decent DAC and is preamp and headphone amp.  Based on the open case pictures, looks like the Aires Transport guts are there (just missing the USB to DAC output).  Also can see that there is difference in the power supply- although both have LPS.  Anyone had a chance to compare?  I intend to use my PSAudio Dac jr, so shopping for a transport, but  anyone know of a reason why not to go with the Altair?  When I make the next upgrade (happens, you know!), probably source again,  the Altair can stand on its own for headphones or with active speakers


answering my own question.  The Streamer (Altair) cannot function as a transport!  no digital outs.  the pics show the digital ins so it can be used as a DAC/Preamp/headphone amp.  So, if you have your own well regarded DAC, you would need to get the "less is more" Aires transport.  just wish the price was less and reflected less hardware inside the box!

I've had the Aries G1 for a couple years, installed the PSU mod and I've been very happy with it. At one point I bought and compared the HiFi Rose 150B, which got sent back.