Auralic Support

Has anyone dealt with Auralic Support

 I purchased an Auralic Altair late last year and was recently having difficulty connecting any device to it via Bluetooth
After several back and forth emails with Auralic Support the service rep asked if I could send it in. 
When he provided an address to send it, I checked the address and it was residential. When I mentioned this to the service rep, he said he works from home..........Really?

 Has anyone else had to send send in their Auralic equipment?
Just curious as to what address you may have sent it.
I haven't sent my unit yet as just doesn't make sense to me

slapshot - 
I own an Aries Mini though I have NOT had to send it in for repairs.  I HAVE needed occasional tech support (IT handholding, really) from Auralic.  Chris has been great.  Very responsive and helpful.  

Auralic is not US-based so having their US service rep working out of his house doesn't seem remarkable to me.  Have seen plenty of electronics repair shops located at a residence.  A repair shop doesn't have to take up much space and it's pretty common for people to be running a business out of their house.  Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about the address.  

If it will make you feel more comfortable, check the Computer Audiophile site.  They had a pretty active Auralic streamer thread.  Think the head Auralic guy would even post there from time to time.  Regardless, folks there might be able to give you input if you don't get an further replies here.
Thanks for the response

 I've been working with Chris as well, so maybe he's a one man show in the U.S.
I'll schedule to send it in when I'm traveling and let you know how it works out