Aurender Conductor App Question

I am playlist centric when streaming with occasional searching to find new song to play and add to a playlist if I like it. When looking for a particular song in a playlist I look for the names / artwork and I ’know it when I see it’ but often don’t have the track or artist name memorized.

In the conductor app, are the screen areas dedicated to each task fixed in size? For example, can I make the playlist area, which is located in the lower LHS, larger to fill the screen so that I can see more of the play list as I look for a song I want to play? Or is the playlist area always limited to that smallish area in the lower LHS of the screen? If it is fixed in size, that would be disappointing because when I am searching, I want the benefit of the entire screen to see the search results, and when I am using a playlist, I want the benefit of the entire screen to view the tracks in the playlist. I am coming from the Node interface where the entire screen is used for searching when searching and the entire screen is used to display a particular playlist from which I am picking songs.

Thank you.


When I select my playlist it fills most of the screen except a small section on the left, that is the queue. I am not sure if I answered your question.

Yes.  That is very helpful.  Thanks.  A person on another forum, Audiophile Style was super helpful as well and posted screen shots.  I think I can also make a playlist the queue, and then show the queue in the large area on the lower RHS.  Not 100% sure, but I think so.  

Do you know if Conductor will show in portrait mode?  I know it is normally in landscape mode - portrait would show even more of a playlist or queue.  

It shows in both portrait and landscape modes on my iPad, but not on the phone. 

I might need to start a new thread, but I will try here first. I am unable to add a song to a playlist in conductor v4.  It worked, then stopped working so I reinstalled the app to get it working (after trying the usual steps).  Now it is not working again. I have tried all the usual stuff other than reinstalling the app, which is not a long term solution every time I want to add a song to a playlist. 

Is anyone else able to or unable to save a song to a Qobuz playlist using the conductor V4 app?  Thanks.