Aurender Conductor App Question

I do not own an Aurender unit (possible future purchase), and would like to ask Aurender users the following question:

When transferring music files to the Aurender's SSD via LAN, can one create an arbitrary folder structure on the SSD to copy the files into? If so, and then via the Conductor app, can one navigate the folders to select music to play?


Don’t think so most apps roon included don’t allow for file creation you get a  designated music file to copy into

@classic8 what you can do is organize into folders before you copy to SSD. That’s what I did. I have one folder for highres and one for 16/44.
It copied over that way. However the conductor is decent enough to let you filter by artist, bitrate, etc

another tip - the copy will probably be faster from a usb port rather than over the network. My assumption as I didn’t try but just used external hdd connected to the usb input on the N200 to copy over the music library after I installed and formatted the SSD

@audphile1 Thanks for the explanation. So the copy operation just grabs everything from the external HDD in one shot? What happens when you want to add more music in the future, to a specific folder, after the initial copy operation? Also, if I understand correctly, Conductor does not have a folder view?

I add to external and just copy over the delta exactly the same way. You can select individual folders from hdd to copy them over. 

I don’t know the answer to your question regarding use of the LAN, but I know you can copy files to an USB thumb drive and set up the folder structure and names on the USB thumb drive anyway you like, using a computer. Then, you can connect the USB drive to the Aurender and copy those folder/files into the Aurender’s internal SSD using the copy function. When you access and navigate Folders in the Aurender, the folder/file names/structure  are the same as I set up on the thumb drive.

“Conductor does not have a folder view?


You can create as many folders in SSD stored in any of the Aurender models. The easiest way to create folders is by accessing Aurender on your network.

Depending on drives installed. they show up on your network as Music1 and Music2. Once you access Music1 (SSD 1) you can create multiple folders and they will be accessible on top of menu bar in Conductor App.

@lalitk , @12many Thanks! It looks like Aurender/Conductor has the capability I am looking for. BTW I am old school, and like to organize my music manually and navigate folders :) It also seems like for Classical music, if the metadata is not the best, app search functions sometimes do not work very well.


@lalitk pretty much summed it up, but there is a “Folder” menu item at the end of the top menu of the Conductor app. Clicking on it allows you to navigate the folder structure you set up. That said, while you can navigate your storage device in that manner, you may find that the way Conductor organizes your library is fairly intuitive, reducing your need to browse by folder.

I am an authorized Aurender dealer. 

Yes I never had the need to navigate to folders to play a specific album. The search feature works like a charm.