Aurender Conductor app reliability and user experience

I'm on the fence about buying an Aurender A200 streamer+DAC. I auditioned one using an identical system I have at home (Moon 340i and Dynaudio Contour 20i).  I really liked what I heard in the store, the DAC is transparent and does a great separation of vocals and instruments. I used the app on an iPad and looked/worked ok.

The app is so downvoted in the app store and have read a couple of complaints, that I'm doubting the quality of the software. I used Roon for two years, but I stopped using it because of the price. Right now I'm mostly using Tidal Connect and using a Blusound Node 2i as a streamer.

What has been your experience with the Conductor app? Can you use it on an iPhone? Is it kind of mandatory to use an iPad?


I use Aurender's Conductor app on an Android phone. I really do not like the app much at all. For me, the user experience is just not very good. It has a lot of usability issues that could be worked out with better product design and management. I wonder if they build the app in house, or outsource it.

It is a disappointment, because overall my new N150 seems to be working well in my system. It's just that the software lags far behind the hardware. With a premium product such as this, neither the hardware nor the software should be subpar,

Personally, I might set the bar higher than some when it comes to assessing if an app is well designed or not. I also use the BluOs app on my phone. Many people seem to like that app. I am not one of them. However, I would say that I find Bluesound's app to be substantially better than Aurender's. My hope is that Aurender reaches the same conclusion, and steps up their customer experience game. 

BTW I provided this feedback to Aurender, but received no response. I was a bit saddened by this, especially as a new customer who was trying to provide input that might help with future iterations of their product (and just spent $$$).

@mazian Anyone with even a glancing contact with computers knows that people delete files and folders, not computers.

However please note that Aurender does not have a recycle bin or restore feature, so if you're playing about, connected remotely to your SSDs with your computer, be extra careful because mistakes cannot be rectified unless you've kept an external backup. The latest Aurenders have two disc slots, except N30 which only has one. You can back up here or use an external SSD to backup, preferably both.

Good news for the Conductor Challenged is that Aurenders will soon have ROON.

You asked you got!

It would be informative if those of you with unsatisfactory experience using Aurender Conductor could let us know the time frame of your experience. I’ve been using Conductor since 2020 with excellent results.

I have a N200....   Love it.    I also have a Vault 2i which served me well, but the Aurender is in a different league. 

I went to Aurender and Conductor after using the JRiver interface for years. Can't fault the sound quality. Conductor is a different story. Has always worked properly, just not much in the way of options or music management. Conductor can't even read tags, which is my biggest complaint, and when I ask about it the response from Support is we'll look into it, and nothing further. They just don't seem open to improving the functionality of the app.