I have a Korean car, watch KDramas and even listen to some KPop, but I don’t get what Aurender is doing.

I’m currently in digital hold given that my new Holo DAC died, but intend on listening to my IFi Zen stream and look at upgrade paths.

Some of the most respected members of this forum swear by Aurender, so it must deliver, but here is my point of confusion:

1. Coax and AES are the preferred outputs, but higher bandwidths require dual AES out, but I don’t have dual in on my DAC.

2. Aurender’s top models claim to have great clocks, so why not pass this on to the DAC via I2s?

3. Top Aurenders accept external clocks and I assume this is used with a DAC that accepts external clocks, but why bother when I2s would take care of this?

4. The argument against I2s is that there isn’t a standard, but this isn’t a problem in most implementations.

I’m sure that I have misrepresented things above, so please correct my understanding.



Just to be fair, I was not implying that the N30SA was better, I've never heard the N30SA or the Taiko. But I have read at least a few that have gone on the record saying that they preferred the N30. My impression on the two compared is that they are more similar than not. With the $10k+ savings on the N30, and the fact that the software is fully dialed in and easy to use, the N30SA makes solid logical sense. -blisshifi, I appreciate your comments.


I think with the exception of the W20SE, all other Aurender streamers have been updated or introduced in the last two years. The W20SE was introduced in late 2019, so isn't all that far beyond the newer streamers.

BTW, I love T+A gear. Heard it many times and it came down to my second choice. Love the looks and the sound quality. The SACD player they have is amazing and it has a built-in streamer that sounds amazing. But the software, at least last time I heard it four years ago, was very poor operationally. I hope it is much better now. But this is certainly where Aurender shines in having such a seamless and easy-to-use software interface. And not only is it easy to operate, it has phenomenal sound quality as well. 

@pokey77 Your stance is accurate. I wasn’t implying you yourself had heard the two and had a preference, but was just acknowledging the sentiment between the two. Both are exceptional and endgame. While I had a preference sonically for the N30SA, one’s system synergy might sway the decision. But I do also agree that Aurender is a simpler solution in terms of usability. Glad to hear of your affinity for T+A and as above acknowledge your sentiment on their software interface. I would say that despite any lack of maturity T+A has over a more mature platform, it is nice to adjust most settings like DAC filters, preamp source display names, etc for many of their units over their mobile app. 

I have two N100H for my two systems. One feeds a Devialet 220 Pro to Raidhos X3. The Devialet has all kinds of inputs for streaming.: Ethernet, upnp, spotify etc.. The Aurender is so much cleaner it is hard to believe. So II bought one for that system. In the other, the Aurender goes to a Denafrips Pontus USB. 

One of the two units, cloned from the first one, had a stange bug of filling its queue by repeating the playlist. The USA team , Kelly and Ari, did not let me down and had their team in Korea work on it in remote mode until it was fixed. 

Also, I like their conductor app which accesses Qobuz beautifully. i mean the sound is indistinguishable from the same song on the hard disk, in Hi res.

I just whish they could access Apple Music internally like Qobuz. Maybe some day.


I have the Aurender's USB connected to my RME DAC which I use in a headphone set up.  The RME doesn't care about the source clock, it uses it's internal clock for all inputs

Keep in mind thats just a USB 2.0 cable, nothing special.   I think my Lab 12 does sound better via coax,  I haven't A/B 'd the two extensively,  could sound better with a purpose designed USB audio cable , not sure.    Like everything,  it's all subjective 

I'm holding off on any further cable purchases until I get my new pre.    I just picked up some DH Lab Air Matrix Cryo RCA and they are super high quality .  I will eventually pick up the DH Labs USB and revisit .

I am really loving my N200,    As lucmichaude said, stored content is indistinguishable from the original.   Support from Aurender is great too... Im glad I stretched my budget on this one , it's such a slick way to stream, and store music.