Avalon and Bel

Does anyone have experience running Avalon Eidolon or Opus speakers with BEL amplification? I currently have a pair of BEL 1001 Mk IIIs and Avalons are on my short list for new speakers if I can come up with the $$$'s. Thanks.
There was a thread about this very subject, very recently, do a search. The amps most commonly used were, BAT VK-150se, JRDG Model 8(TiHC), Accuphase A50/v, Goldmund(I think), Pass, Boulder. I don't believe the BEL amps were mentioned. Good luck, Tim
BEL amps have been mentioned to me as great amps for Avalons when I inquired directly with Avalon.
I once mated a BEL MkIIIa with the Eidolons. My room is 16*23 feet. The combination worked well as long as I didn't play the system too loudly. With a pair of amps you should have adequate power for most scenarios.
Regards, and enjoy!