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Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
The Shanling ET3 has an oversampling chip. Does it automatically upsample all information or can you switch it on/off?  
Speaker Recommendation Help Please.
Paul - congrats on your choice of Wilson SabrinaX.  Regarding placement, your dealer will set them up (otherwise you will not get warranty).  You may find that they don't need that much space away from the wall behind them. That was a major concer... 
What Is So Special About Harbeth?
Bob540 - I suggest you check out their website for alot of information about their speakers' design aspects.  Also there are plenty of reviews on the web, done over many years which provide comprehensive insights into their sound and what reviewer... 
Wilson Alexia - speaker placement question
Everyone -  thank you so much for your comments.   I've re-measured my space and the distance from the front wall and the back of the speakers would be 18 inches.  I really don't want to use any room treatment panels, etc. nor DSP. JJss49 - thank... 
QLN Speakers anyone
I've heard the Prestige3 and 5, separate times.   The sound gives good imaging but the highs are rolled off.  I haven't see a review which provides measurements.  The 5 has a warmer sound --- quite noticeable --- which is not to my taste.  I do ow... 
Gryphon Essence Pre and Stereo Power Amp Review
Great review!  Thank you for the post.  Can the preamp turn the amp on/off, or at least bring it out of standby?  
Opinions on Sim 330A Power Amplifier
Congrats on your purchase!  It's a fine performer and the company has an excellent service/warranty policy.   Enjoy the new piece! 
Opinions on Sim 330A Power Amplifier
The SimAudio 330A amplifier is a fine unit.  You can read numerous reviews online.  I was going to buy one but held off as it is an old model and will likely be updated soon.  The last updated amp was the 860A which became the 860A V2.   
Integrated amp recommendations for harbeth 30.2 XD
Sorry I've been away from this site and my original post.  I thank everyone for their comments and suggestions.  I did try a Pass INT 25 integrated with my Harbeth setup (everything remained the same except for inserting the INT 25.   It did some ... 
Wilson Alexx V
Carey1110 -  agree with your comments.  A lot of new development has gone into making it (new V material, capacitors, mid range, tweeter). I haven't heard it yet..  I do like the open sides too. It appears that Michael Fremer has leap frogged over... 
CAT cable installation - NYC electrician recommendation
Thanks Mike! 
CAT cable installation - NYC electrician recommendation
Thanks Erik ---I'll probably go with Cat 6 shielded.  My needs are audio and not over a long distance. 
Ayre or Bryston separates for Harbeth 30.2 XD speaker
Thanks for your comments - I spoke with a dealer who carries both lines.  He suggested that I audition the Ayre products and thinks that while they cost more, will sound better.  Will follow up. 
Harbeth P3ESR vs the new XD
As someone suggested above, buy what is available as you may have to wait a while for the XD's to be available.  Depends on your urgency --- both are fine model versions.  I waited for my XD's and am very happy with the sound---I can't compare it ... 
Speaker Cables and Connectors
My suggestion is to match your speaker cable with your amplifier --- and not with the speaker.  Your dealer can help advise on what cables work well with your amplifier (or cal the amplifier company and ask them).