Avalon Radian owner manual

I've recently suggested to a friend the purchase of a pair of Avalon Radian that indeed sounds very good but unfortunately the previous owner did not had the manual. Wrote to Avalon more than one month ago but no answer yet so I'm kindly asking if somebody has it and is willing to let me have a copy by email.


Thanks in advance!


My Eidolon’s included a forty-five page hard bound manual personally signed by the five people involved with their manufacture. 


Thanks @joenies . Tried to contact Avalon through their website about one month ago but didn’t get any reply. It will be great if you can let me have the scan or pics of the pages regarding the speakers positioning. Thanks in advance for your help, greatly appreciated!



Hello @katylied. I got my printer to work. It is very slow in making copies. I will try this weekend to copy the important pages. I’ll make a pdf of the file. When I finish making the pdf I will post you. You will need to contact support to get my email address.

Per the manual speakers should be placed a minimum of 3 feet from side wall and 5 feet from front wall. Use this ratio for placement of speakers. Also the speakers are designed to be used with the grilles in place.

Maybe try sending another email to Avalon? 

Joe Nies

Try asking about a replacement part like a footer, screen, or a tweeter.

An estimate on a factory rebuild? Something that means business to them.