Avatar Engineering/ Stephen Cianciotta

Any fellow Audiogoners familiar with Stephen Cianciotta?
I understand he sadly passed from COVID-19....
no way....did you speak with him?
I was in the middle of a preamp rebuild when he said he was sick, was supposedly admitted to hospital, then convalesced at home....then his "son" answered hi messages, and said he passed away....I was somewhat suspicious, as I could find no documentation of his passing, anywhere...
Well that is pretty weird
if that is true I would suggest all goners beware. Of Avatar Engineering and Steve 
Good Morning, Steve Cianciotta here! So as to clarify the confusion, My Dad ( Steve Sr.)  did pass last year. My siblings and I have been running Avatar since and selling off most of His components and equipment. As to any service and repairs we are very limited in scope and are winding down. Dad was a great guy and loved by many! Thanks to all His friends for the condolences
Oh...thanks for the response....I do remember speaking with you around that time, but forgot you and he shared the same name...he was a nice man, and, though we never met, I felt a serious connection  with him 
and was truly saddened when he passed.......