AVM SA 6.3 Stereo Amplifier - Any thoughts?

Hello all..Looking for your valuable opinions. I have an aging Gamut D200 amplifier and I am looking for a replacement. As Gamut no longer manufactures electronics I am looking at the AVM SA 6.3 stereo power amplifier vs an offshoot of Gamut, the Gato Pwr222 Monoblocks. I’m looking for opinions on either but mostly the AVM brand, as Gato shares near identical topology with Gamut. Unfortunately no AVM dealers anywhere close. Thanks to all! 
I am an AVM dealer.  The bulk of my listening has been with the MA 8.3s which have the tube input stage and they are beyond phenomenal and the A5.2 which is one of their hybrid class D integrated.  The MA 8.3s delivered delicacy and a smooth and articulate midrange that just shouldn't be possible with 1100w.  

I have been thoroughly impressed by their product line and I will be taking some things from them to AXPONA with me.  TBD exactly what.  

You can expect a neutral to slightly warm sound with tons of power.  Despite being warm, there is not a lack of detail and unlike some warmer amps, bass is well controlled.  It should be a little less sweet than the 8.3s but that is driven by the lack of a tube input stage more than anything. 

It will be much more neutral than Bryston, Krell or Chord and you should expect a sound profile closer to Pass or Accuphase.  

I am rotating through as many products as possible and will be bringing in either an SA6.3 or A6.2ME after I sell my A5.2.  

I have not heard the Gamut electronics and cannot offer a point of comparison.  
Did you see Herb Reichart’s review of the A6.2ME Integrated in Stereophile? He does a good job of bringing to life the AVM sound which really can be stunning.
Verdant Audio: thanks for your helpful comments. Can you kindly tell me if the SA 6.3 is much improved over the SA 6.2? Does AVM describe the upgrade?Thank you.
I will soon be in the market for a amp, final or integrated. From the German final amps AVM, Audionet and Accustic Arts are the ones that interest me. Unfortunately I have not heard any of them yet.
The primary difference between 6.3 and 6.2 I believe is the quality of the transformers.  They radically upgraded the quality of the transformers in the *.3s vs the *.2s,  

I think it is an incredible line.  I am clearly biased but we have choice in what we sell.  I only sell brands I like personally and this is my favorite line of SS/Hybrid gear.  

Figured I would chime in quickly to say how elated I am with my SA 6.3. It is far and away the best amp I’ve had in my room, and possesses tube-like qualities, musicality and smoothness in spades. Together with a PA 5.2 running NOS tubes, I am getting incredible performance. I plan to upgrade to the PA 8.3 at some point but would really like to hear it first.  I have mention that the factory 803T tubes that come with the PA 5.2 were.. Not. Good. lol.. max performance is significantly higher with NOS tubes in my experience. 

Frankly, I am surprised that there is not more info circulating about these products. They ought to send more out for review, I think. 

Glad all are enjoying the SA 6.3. It’s a great amplifier!  I actually went on to purchase a Coda 16.0 which shares many excellent sonic qualities with the AVM line. Enjoy!