AVR in a HT Bypass setup

A while back I separated my HT & 2-channel setup after discovering HT Bypass.  I have a Parasound Hint6 powering Kef LS50s for Left/Right/Sub channels only and the AVR doing the rest of the 5 channels (Center, rear surround, L/R ambiance channels).  

My Pioneer 1120K is a bit long in the tooth and I want to upgrade to something with better calibration - especially for 2 subwoofers.  

Thoughts on where to look?




Anthem has a better room calibration ( ARC )  than Yamaha ( YPAO )

will you go Atmos in the futur ?

Be aware that in two years , what you buy today will be obsolete.

You may look at Marantz ( Audyssey ) and  used McIntosh  ( Audyssey- Roomperfect) .

I traded an older Anthem D2V in on a Marantz AV8805 and have been very

happy with the results. I find the Marantz much easier to understand and get

along with. Also the Marantz is warmer and much less analytical.

+1 Anthem    

I have an Anthem MRX 520 as part of a HT bypass setup, along with a Musical Fidelity M6si and I love it.

I'll checkout Anthem - quite a good number of reviews.  Seems right in the ballpark of what I want.  

Atmos is out of the picture for now.  I'm mainly after better calibration & HDMI 2.1 4k/120 for gaming.

Seems there isn't a manufacturer without problems -- either it's HDMI 2.1 or other random problems (Anthem - fan noise, buggy software, denon - hardware failures)..