Axpona 2019, what to expect

I'm heading to Axpona this year for the first time.  What should I not miss.  What should I skip. What percentage of my annual income should I bring?  General tips would be appreciated.
Its going to be wonderful I'm going with my wife as well.It will take you 3 days to see almost everything.When you get the book check the people you want to see mark them off in your book and go from there.Enjoy!!
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So much to see and hear. An added bonus is the music you will hear, some play the same stuff over and over, but some will play music that sounds great and I had never heard of. Shazam is great for identifying new music you will hear. There will be demo show pricing on many products, only available at the show. Have fun. It’s my fourth Axpona and really looking forward to it.
The stairs are a wonderful thing at the upper floor levels. Waiting for (uncrowded) elevators will be misery for most.
Dealer rooms are often the best rooms to visit. A lot of info and hook-ups. 😉
jab, +1 for preplanning. I log all rooms of interest into my iPhone from the Apoxna site. I then double check for new rooms against the book upon check-in. 
I was hoping to hit a few seminars also.  I'm a newbie so the turntable setup and critical listing seminars are on my list.